Monday, January 2, 2012

The Inter Nets Shuffle

It has been an odd couple of days.

The rush of blog traffic kind of shocked me; I went from the majority of my traffic being google searchings for "pooping" turning up here and of course a few of my other on-and-offline chums to, well, whatever I've got now. I'm not really even sure when to or how to respond to comments-not like the technical aspects, but when does a comment require a response and how do you choose what comments to remark on? Like, what are the protocols for when you post your reaction to someone else's shit on your own page? I do have to say I am enjoying all the new blogs to read; some of you are pretty funny motherfuckers.

Thanks for reading, Scumfucketeers, but don't take me as seriously as I do.

Anyway, it is weird to see my traffic meter showing me getting links on various gun forums, though I'm not sure how to handle people talking shit about me on the internet-none here, but a few on some of these gun forums. I stopped short of going Jay and Silent Bob on some of them, and a little short of registering on their forums and posting itemized rebuttals, but I will say this-fuck all you motherfuckers. Ya'll don't know me, so don't fucking judge. I'm sorry I offended your tender Fudd ears and puckered your tender Fudd buttholes.

Anyway, if you are new here, and love guns and firey rhetoric, you might check out this post. If you want to know what I think about the dominant political cuture, remixed with my love of Disney, check out this one. And hey-try this one if you are dying to paint me as a rascist-I'm looking at you, SPLC.

Finally, if you think I should just shut the fuck up and make with the hilarity, go with this one.

Thanks again for reading, folks. I'm gonna be updating the ol' blogroll pretty soon, so stay tuned for exciting format changes! Or nothing! Also possible! WHOOOO ADDERALL!


  1. Dear fellow Hoosier domesticated terrorist:

    I love your stuff. You remind me a lot of me, except that you are more talented.

    Your seeming approval of massive quantities of marijuana smoking is alarming to me, however, but that is only because I can't do that shit anymore...and haven't been able to for some time as I am a responsible married father with a sensitive job who is raising three children. regards to answering blog comments...I find it hard to believe this is a conundrum for you. Answer the ones you want. Let the others die on the vine.

    Do what feels right. Isn't that what you always do anyway? That is your appeal.

    Don't get all uppity and full of yourself and start having concerns about protocol just because you are getting a shitload more hits and are being noticed.

    It wouldn't suit you.

  2. Speaking as somebody who hasn't gotten wilder than the occasional dip into the liquor stash, I will say I had more than my share of fun for many years.
    Do I miss it sometimes? Kinda, like I miss the tobacky on occasion, but as of now, I'm a single father, with an ex that I'd rather not give an excuse to for anything.

    Not that I believe she'd try, but I've spent all my luck for a while keeping him, and I'm going to try and build some up before a potential, one day in the future, celebratory toke.

    Or if it got legal, but I'm anticipating robots with laser beams for a personal sec detail before that happens...

    I will say this...quitting the Camelbutts wasn't easy, but I'm doing pretty well for the moment. Been almost a year and I put that cash into toys. Both for me and the little fellow. Went from a pack of Camels, to 8 of the "make your owns with filters", then to none at work, then to....ten after work...then to tossing the half full bag out one day.

    But I blab.