Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Live From Some Stoner's Couch: Iowa Caucus Coverage.

8:28pm - Just got Gracie to bed. Anyone know any good Caucus Drinking Games? Maybe take a drink every time someone goes ZOMG RASCIST and finish your beer whenever some ponce calls Ron Paul unelectable.

8:30pm - Fox News coverage is set up on the feed in theory. Must fix computer. Bong rips not helping. This r srus stuff d00dz. Ah, there we go. Aw. Newt Gingrich's face just killed my boner. I feel just like Slick Willy.

8:41pm - Roomate dispatched for rolling papers and chaser. This god awful boring shit should get more interesting soon.

8:44pm - 1% Reporting and people are already talking shit like we know anything at this stage

8:50pm - One of the fat fuck pundits just bet donuts; you know he was sure .

8:54pm - Although I have no idea what they are basing this off of, one of the pundits just said "Well, Bachman is out" and I still thought "Oh Thank God."

8:59pm - Am I stoned or did one of these guys just bet a factory?

9:09pm - I truly do not care about "The Results of President Obama's Live Chat"

9:24pm - Gracie just woke up and needed to be put back to bed. What did I miss? Oh wait, 18% reporting. What the fuck have they been talking about this whole time? Oh wait-nothing.

9:34pm - Mmmm. Budweiser.

9:35pm - This red banner that says "Follow Fox News on Twitter" has been on the screen the entire time. Look man, if I haven't started following your twitter by now, it just isn't in the cards. Take it off for fuck's sake.

9:37pm - I was really hoping to go the whole night without the mention of Sarah Palin. Least said, soonest mended.

9:47pm - Honestly the commercial break in the online feed-generic jazz over the logo-was a like a nice cool breeze. Maybe I should watch the screen saver for awhile instead.

9:58pm - Amanda gets home soon. I think I'll have lost interest by then. Maybe I should watch How I Met Your Mother.

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  1. I was sick of that shit before it even started. I do have to laugh at the strenuous lengths which the radioheads and boob-toob media have gone to marginalize Ron Paul. Must mean he'd actually be good...