Friday, January 27, 2012

Femslash Friday - Tinkerbell x Vidia

I realized today that some time ago I promised all you sick fucks a discussion on the frenemy \ girl crush themes between Tinkerbell and Vidia in the CGI Disney Fairies line. I never really delivered on that before, but let it never be said that Chris By-The-Throat is kidding around when it comes to Disney Girl On Girl.

Go ahead, peruse Fairypedia for background info if you need to. I'll wait. Ya sick bastards. If you just stumbled across here using that search keyword and have no interest in the ramblings of a stoned libertarian gun blogger, head on over to ImageFap and type "Ultimate Tink" into the search bar; you'll find all the Tink porn your pervy little heart could ever desire. Think happy thoughts.

So yeah. Tinkerbell x Vidia. The stuff of slash fiction wet dreams, these two rivals are always engaging in intense staredowns and snarky back-and-forths. Functionally, Tinkerbell is the Harley Quinn and Vidia is the Poison Ivy. Tink is sparkling and trusting and innocent, and Vidia is crass and jaded and rather manipulative. It works (in my head-remember that you are all knee deep in my brain meat on this blog) and it works better if you watch the Great Fairy Rescue because you can see how stressed Vidia is when Tink gets kidnapped. The snarky bitch cares, and is actually a little possessive.

Sometimes the touches are smaller than that, though. Here, pervs, sometimes the content just generates itself. Just watch it; you knew you were going to when you came here and didn't back away immediately.

Would I care to contemplate the psychospiritual ramifications of me contemplating lesbian relationships between Disney Fairies? No. No, I would not care to do that at all.

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