Friday, March 19, 2010

A Declaration of Sorts

So it seems like every other hip gun blogger has their own special names for the little D and R letter before their public official's names. To put it bluntly, the person responsible for this blog, cannot allow the existence of a "sarcasm gap" in the savage, snark-eat-snark environment of the blog world. I've decided on one. "Heffalumps and woozles."

If you're having trouble wrapping your brain around it, here's my special version of the lyrics.

A heffalump or woozle is very confuzzle;
a heffalump or woozle's very sly (sly sly sly)
They come in ones and twozzles, but if they so choozles
before your eyes you see them multiply (ply ply ply)

They're extra ordinary, so better bewarey
because they come in every shape and size (size size size)
If money's what you covet, you'll find that they love it
because they guzzle up the things you prize.

Their black, their brown,
their up, their down
Their in, their out
their all about.
Their far, their near
their gone, their here
their quick and slick and insincere.
So yeah. There's more. VIDEO But it all fits-more freakily than I care to admit, except for all that pointing out I just did. So there you have it ladies and gentleman; let it never be said that Chris By-The-Throat wants for snark, in his strange and terrible corner of the internet. I declare it so, and screw anyone else that might have thought of it first. You all stole it from me. Y'know, from the future.

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