Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Field Guide to Scumfuck Tags

So I finally decided to party like it's Livejournal 2003 and add blogtags to my various entries over time.  Of course, I can't do something simple and practical; it is practically a gunblogger standard to have some snarky epithet for each category.  To have "Guns" as your tag for gun related posts is apparently quite gauche.

Anyway, the reason this has been so long in coming, besides the obvious (my crippling apathy) is because I haven't come up with a good set of witty tags for my various categories yet.  But as soon as I do, this post will go live and you will all be awed by my technicolor wit.  So here goes, motherfucker.

SCUMFUCK EGO - These posts are all about me.  Me, my personal life, my trials and tribulations, my widdle biddy feewings and all the things that make me the awesome post apocalyptic god emperor that I am in my own mind

STRAPPED - Gun and weapon related posts, for my love of all things shooty, stabby and bashy, along with the accessories to each.

MASHED POTATO JOHNSON'S STINKY NUGGET EXPRESS - Posts about weed and probably a catch all for any other drug related post.  Drugs, drug policy, stoner rants and raves, and somehow against my will, a little bit of cannabis culture.

SWIMMING UPSTREAM TO SPAWN - Posts about parenting, being a parent, surviving parenthood, and funny Gracie stories.  This category was almost named FUCK CPS THEY CAN SUCK MY BALLS.

SAID THE HANDMAIDEN TO THE BISHOP - These posts are about sex, sexology, sexism, sexytime, etc.  This is a good category to avoid if you are a social conservative

THE MAGIC KINGDOM - Anything Disney related.  I haven't done any calculations, but this might be the largest category.  Also, there is more crossover with the sex category than you think or are comfortable with.

SCUMFUCK PRAXIS - Any practical, survival related article that I think has actual value to the greater survivalist \ gun owning \ patriot community.  I'm gonna admit, this is gonna be a depressingly small category, but really there are better men than me doing this.

THE MAW OF THE LEVIATHAN - Anything relating to politics, for obvious reasons.

CONAN WITH AN AK - Anything related to Codex Kalachnikova-mostly previews and rants about how hard writing is.

PILL PUSHER CUM HERO - Anything related to Last Call, Last Stand.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - Anything related to my other writing projects.

FEMSLASH FRIDAY - Femslash friday entries, conveniently arranged for your fap \ schlick time.

MEDIA WHORE: Books, music, movies, video games.  Reviews, rants, discussions catchall category.

CHRIS BY-THE-THROAT IS FUCKING INSANE - My catchall for the weirdness I love just for being weird.  Thinking on it, this might be the largest category instead-perhaps it could apply to every post.  Concept shamelessly cribbed from Holly Pervocracy.


  1. I initially read "FUCK CPS" as "FUCK OPS". You know, like Black Ops, only sexier.

    I like my version better.

  2. this be the west,when the legend becomes fact,print the legend.
    dont forget the fat,utopia blog guys stocking up on kotex 4 themselves
    u girls crack me up
    Liberty Valance

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