Sunday, May 27, 2012

Doing the Update Shuffle

So a few blog updates in general, for those that are interested.

First off, China, Zoomie, Snake, etc - I am the biggest tool on earth for not making it to the shindig.  There were obligations with regards to childcare within the tribe.  I am going to hit up K's booth at the 1500 when it happens; hopefully I can see some of you there, but if there is something going on sooner I will remain in the loop and do my best to make up for this galling failure.

Second: Whoever is anonymously posting the friendly hyperbole: don't change a thing.  Every time you make my day, whoever the fuck you are.  I'm a sucker for flattery, particularly obviously exaggerated flattery, so thanks, homie.

Third: The knife fighting course is still on track.  It has morphed into a video blog entry as the text was just a great groaning block of overwritten chatter even by my standards.  This presents me with a unique dilemma though, as I'm not wild about putting my face all over this website.  I'd prefer to keep my identity concealed, but I don't want to deal with the ridicule that will no doubt come if I do the whole thing in a black balaclava.  I'm either blurring out my face in post production or just going to say fuck it and let the internetz get a good look at me.  Anyway, principal shooting starts very soon and will cover section 1 of the syllabus.

Fourth: Two zombie bloggers have re-emergd, slouching and moaning, from the grave of idleness-Sigboy, who is contemplating moving URLS in this post, and Deschain over at De-Domesticating the Modern Male.  Both are great guys that I have known on the ZS forum for some time.  Be sure to check them out.

In conclusion: Fuck all motherfuckers, I'm listening to Hank.


  1. Your right,

    Those are two very cool blogs.


  2. Thanks for the shout-out, homes! Appreciate it, can't wait to see the down and dirty knife class.

  3. Dragged slouching and moaning? Fuck, that pegs me to a t. debating a title change now instead of a URL change.

  4. Change Sigboy??What about the shrines in Scotland?The Home for wayward women outside of Witchapeck?Good God Man!!!

  5. LIB,no worries mate.I hope we are doing it again this fall.I personally won't make the 1500 am helping my Dad move a trailer and hand digging water lines,fuck me. We will meet up!