Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Whale of A Tale to Tell Ya Lads

Via my #2 Heathen I caught wind of this story.

A Marine Biologist charged with multiple felonies for-wait for it-video taping some orcas eating a baby grey whale. Oh, sure, apparently she stirred up the shredded blubber with some ropes to get a better video, so technically she did violate the Marine Mammal Protection Act-but are we really accomplishing the goal of protecting Marine Mammals if we start locking up Marine Biologists? Especially those that make Marine Biology economically viable by leading commercial boat tours?

And don't get me started on the conspiracy charges; it takes longer to get the rough cut than the money cut in any film industry, and all she is guilty of is handing over what she had which is the edited version of the film. A simple subpoena would have gotten the rest of the footage out of her, but that doesn't buttfuck her nearly as hard and we can't have that. We have to protect whales, don't you see how important that is? What are you, a whale hater? Fuckin' Marine Biologists and their anti whale conspiracies.

Our government sheepdogs are looking kind of rabid these days, aren't they? Anyway, Disney video in case you are wondering about the title.


  1. Fer Kryist Sake, don't these assholes have anything better to do?
    Just remember, "Making a list. Checking it twice".

  2. ... So a marine biologist gets busted for... filming the behavior of some animals doing what they... fucking... do?

    I mean, the chum-churning is some Marty Stouffer bullshit, but THAT asshole still has a gig on crappy animal attacks DVDs.

    Orcas eat grey whales. It's... kinda their thing. I suppose I'd best not film my dog digging voles up and eating them.

    Even though it's fucking hilarious.