Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA Strike - Because Fuck 'Em

No content for you today, Scumfucketeers.

Get Pissed. Do something.

We must burn every tentacle the Leviathan reaches out with. Remember, each tentacle is eventually going for your throat. Or up your orifices; I guess that option is also on the table. Either way-kill that shit. Kill it with fire.


  1. Flame throwers, I discovered a while ago, apparently are not firearms. Saw a guy with a restored WWII model at a "fun show" a while back, and he said it was cash and carry. It was sitting next to 2 mortars, a Thompson, and a BAR, which all required more than a standard phone call and at the time yellow form.

    While tempting, my mind did the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan and I also noted it was about 7.5 grand too much for my wallet. (I had 500 bucks at the time.

    1. Also perfectly legal to home build and mount to your vehicle with automated targeting.

      Not technically a firearm so, surprisingly, BATFE backs off for once.