Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Character Classes in Gracieworld

The art of interactive storytelling is as old as the forebrain, if not older.  We use a lot of toys to entertain ourselves now, from NERF guns to polyhedral dice to specialized computers the size of your palm to anal beads.  But the simple fact is that all forms of entertainment are subservient to one-we like to hear, and tell, good stories.

Telling Gracie a bedtime story is always an adventure, and it is something like a cross between self insertion fan fiction and role playing.  Typically "Princess" Gracie goes out on adventures.  We have, over the course of the past 5 years, set a sort of campaign setting up that is reiterated in every intro like cheap 80's cartoons.  The basic premise is that Gracie and her dog Sadie live in a castle on the edge of a spooky forest filled with various monsters and undead antagonists, and she goes adventuring for various reasons (I typically give her an objective every time, such as "Save Pingu from the mean witch" or "Explore the spooky pumpkinhead's cave."

Anyway, each time I let her pick her equipment loadout and such, but lately, over the past month or so, she has been describing her abilities to me instead, accompanied by a name or label she uses. Note that this is without me projecting anything to her; she has based it off her loadout and abilities she chooses at the beginning of her "adventure."  And it seems to come down to character classes.  So I thought I'd list the character classes she has given me so far.  Note as well that guns are typically included on any adventure and are not any particular class feature.

"Riding Hood" as in "Red Riding Hood."  The riding hood classe appears to be some form of benevolent ranger and is her most frequently picked class.  She has described a Riding Hood's powers as walking "Very far and very fast."  Specialized equipment includes the hood itself (which sometimes has magic powers) and the basket.

"Cowgirl"  Typically, this is a mounted character in boots with a Woody hat.  Abilities seem to be limited to horsemanship, although some of the feats of horsemanship she describes are pretty impressive.  Specialized equipment includes the woody hat and the "cowboy string" which is a lariat and also sometimes has magic powers.

"Ballerina"  This is the newest incarnation and is largely a product of her grandma getting her a ballet costume.  Still, we went over the ballerina gracie version tonight and apparently they can "Dance and sneak and jump really well" which makes a sort of intuitive sense to me.  The ballerina doesn't appear to have any specialized equipment, except the outfit itself.

"Fairy \ Nice Witch"  This is sort of a hybrid catch-all spellcasting class.  Sometimes the witch flies on her broom, sometimes the witch has fairy wings and casts fairy spells.  Special abilities include magic use, which in Gracie's paradigm is mostly limited to baleful polymorphs.  Specialized equipment includes her magic wand or "bibbidy bobbidy boo" and occasionally a broom to ride.

Somehow, I think I could make a coherent game system out of this.

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  1. So, the ballerina is basically a ninja in a tutu?