Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slick Rick and his Bag of Tricks

There isn't really a point to the post title.

Oh wait!  Yes there is.

So the big thing now is fighting "Slick."  I know it's the big thing now because I read it in SWAT magazine and it was further expounded upon in a thread on Bacon Survival.  It means stuffing crap in your pockets and fighting out of that, instead of using some form of LBE.

I've seen it before now, though I never knew what the TOTALLY OMG SWEET operator term for it was.  I think Tam even mentioned something about the Mk 4 Jeans Back Pocket Magholder in one of her posts a couple years ago.  Fundamentally, it is a good idea in the sense that it gets you to stop fiddling around with your toys and actually learn to fight.

But this is a continuum to which there are apparently limits.  Sure, you can cite endless statistics where you only need the ammo currently in your weapon, with maybe one reload, and say you are covered.  If anyone suggests anything more, it is obviously because they are a gear encrusted mall ninja with no hope of survival loaded down with all those extra magazines and tourniquets.  I get that principle and really, despite the inevitable snark, I approve...but how "slick" can you get?

Anyway, what I want to tell Slick Rick and his crew is-why aren't you learning to fight empty handed?  Isn't that the "Slickest" method of all?  If you don't train with a chest rig because you aren't ALWAYS wearing a chest rig, should you stop training with a gun because you aren't ALWAYS wearing a gun?  After all, plenty of conflicts start and finish without a single weapon coming into play.  Hell, what about pants?  I'm not ALWAYS wearing pants.  Maybe I should just drop trow at the range next time and if someone calls me on it, I'll yell "SLICK LOL NOOB."

The worst of these slicksters tend to get huffy when you bring things like this up, often because they have no experience or training in unarmed fighting.  (That in itself could make another post, but I'll let you move along with your LOL KARATE snark...for now.)  If you want to go full slick, perhaps you should get naked and do some Krav Maga.  Otherwise, practice putting your shit on under pressure, carry the gear you need (no more or less) and remain adaptable.  "Slick" sounds cool, but it is doctrine, and remember that doctrine is always limiting.


  1. The main appeal to slick (or slicker) in my mind is camouflage. Multicam is great in the woods, but you can't walk down a city street in a multicam plate carrier, a warbelt, and kneepads.

    I can, however, fit a low profile plate carrier, an IWB pistol, and a couple AR mags under a hoodie. Not that I walk around town with ballistic plates and AR mags under my hoodie - but should the need arise, I think it's a better approach.

  2. Great observations, but the last sentence says it all: "...doctrine is always limiting." The best-laid plans are null and void the second the action starts.

    Have as much equipment as you feel you need, learn to use it AND to do without it. Those who are able to think on their feet and adapt to their immediate circumstances, are those with the best chance of survival.

  3. I've always had light lbv or belt setups included...when we've trained the word slick generally means no plate carrier or kevlar...which is rare but exceptions get made in instances such as ops in thick jungle or extreme cold environments.

    But who knows now that the mall ninja crowd has gotten ahold of such a cool sounding word.

  4. "I think Tam even mentioned something about the Mk 4 Jeans Back Pocket Magholder in one of her posts a couple years ago."

    No, I mentioned that when I took the Awerbuck carbine class, I just stuffed mags in my hip pockets because I don't own a chest rig or a plate carrier or anything like that.

    I don't have a carbine because Come The Revolution, I'm going to lead my platoon of face-colander-wearing motherfuckers to our secret sylvan lair and conduct raids on the UN occupiers; I have a carbine because, well, it's fun to shoot and it'll be more effective than a pistol should some actual Indianapolis motherfucker try to kick in my front door.

    Should the latter happen, I'm not going to yell "Hang on! Lemme strap on this here plate carrier I don't own!"

    I do keep a war belt with a FAK and a six mag pouch and suchlike, just in case shit goes all Rodney King Riots around here, but I'm still not leaving the house.

    People who live different lives in different places should maybe not read too much into the gear requirements of a mid-40s chick who lives in the city. ;)