Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grind His Boners to Make My Bread

So in conversation the other night, a fetish came up that I actually had to google.  And I figure "Hey, if you need to google this shit, it's going to be new to a lot of people-why not squeeze a blog post out of it?"  (You have now figured out why 99% of this blog is posted.)

Anyway, the fetish is called "Vore."  That is, V-O-R-E.  It is apparently represents those with the sexual fantasy involving giants eating people.

I'm not kidding.  Go on, google the term, you pussy.

Anyway, Vore specifically specifies a size difference; otherwise it's just plain old cannibalism fetishes.  And I'm not sure if it only involves giants; I wonder if getting eaten by a dragon qualifies?  Or what about a normal sized person eating people that have been shrunk down and kept in a fish tank?

In case you were wondering, the point of this exercise is to make you realize that somewhere, somehow, someone is masturbating furiously while thinking of Shrek devouring their face.  You're welcome, Internet.


  1. u sick,preverted fuck,i love u.

  2. the og airborne ranger cedes his post to the scum,the king is dead,long live the scum.

  3. cold nites in the triangle gives that indiaca a kick,who----taa maggie

  4. Regarding the shrinking down -- yes. Yes, it does.

    No, I'm not into vore. I just stumbled onto it via Rule 34 while looking at ponies.

    Pony vore is... chilling.

  5. According to some frankly baffling things I've blundered across on Deviantart, non-humanoid monsters count. PILES of sweaty-palmed photmanipulations of snakes eating supermodels out there under the "vore" heading.

  6. Life, like whiskey and pussy ,should be taken stright up,but i repeat myself/