Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Shit is Together, I Promise

So I managed to finish Codex Kalachnikova, America's #1 Pulp Novel about Conan with an AK, before my 30th birthday which took place earlier this month.  That was important to me for some reason, finishing before 30, but now on the other side of 30 I can barely see why.  Anyway, after that I promised to give myself a month off from writing, which is why the blog has been languishing in idle limbo.

But I can't take a month off, not really, not when there is so much shit I have to say.  So for now, suffice to say I'll be reaming out your eye holes with my literary blog cock soon enough.

The plan for Codex is threefold.  First, I wait up until December 2012 to see if the degenerate heathens at Raw Dog Screaming Press finally start accepting unsolicited submissions like it says they will do on their website.  If not, I start whoring it around to other companies that don't fit me as  perfectly but may consider publishing my work, though to be honest I have no idea which companies would consider something this far out.  Finally, if nobody wants the fucking thing, I'll self publish it on Amazon and try to at least make enough cash to pay for a couple of print copies for family members that want them.  While I am waiting, I will tidy up the manuscript and maybe add a few ancillary illustrations, try to work out the map of post TEOTWAWKI Efrafa.

Anyway, that is more or less all that is happening in my life to date, in case you thought the Federales had nabbed me.  You godless scum should be so lucky.

In case you are wondering what the Codex Soundtrack sounds like, I'm gonna just leave this right here.


  1. Dude, I'm a lazy piece of shit when it comes to blogging, but even I don't disappear for three weeks!

    I was starting to worry there.


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