Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hey, isn't this a Gun Blog?

I held off on ordering the Glock, in case you were wondering.  In the end I had to pay for my class and I am working to prioritize training over gear this year.  But I have taken my very first SRUS rifle class.

I was all worried about having crappy gear but really, I had the opposite problem-my gear was great, the BCS rig is pretty much straight tits, my gun ran flawlessly, but I more or less sucked.  I'm prioritizing training ammo so I can really get good at rifle fundamentals-trigger control was a problem for me the whole time because once my blood got pumping from the run and gun my trigger control more or less went to shit.  There ain't no easy fix, except more practice, and Cthulhu knows I'm never going to find a range that is OK with the kind of running and gunning I want to practice, but it has to be done.  My crap vision also impairs me; I don't get a great sight picture with the stock sights. I am *not* okay with being a mediocre shooter.  I also have some equipment based solutions in mind, starting with the rather clever one from this post where you paint the front sight with nail polish.  I'll try that before I go out and buy tech sights, hopefully that will improve my groups.

Anyway, running the 1911 as my pistol the whole time made me really appreciate the trigger time I've had on it; my pistol work was much stronger than my rifle work which I did not expect.  My 1911 is a basic GI model springfield, but despite a few hiccups (mostly from faulty ammunition) it more or less grouped great compared to my rifle groups.  And I'm in the process of planning a bugout very soon where we can try to communicate our newfound ninja skills to our less fortunate comrades-in-arms.  Even beyond basic marksmanship, there is the whole other set of fighting skills that can be practiced dry and we plan on integrating them in with the rest of the tribe so we can all be on something resembling the same page.

Anyway, that is the story of Our Hero and his Rifle Class Cherry.


  1. 3 ideas,more shooting,more shooting and more shooting.
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    somewhereinthe triangle

  2. I do want too thank the scum.Because sometimes i think a little different they dont let me say much.yea,these fuckers who talk about Liberty,anyway,thanks again Scum.I hope 2 see u all onthe other side of the river.

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