Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Pep Talk About World War III

You know, I never see this scenario mentioned-in survival forums, on gun blogs.  Or if it is, it is always some Red Dawn variant or maybe a UN takeover at the outside, something with a very clear USA = GOOD GUYS motif.  But I want to bring up something that the bent angle of my dope addled mind can see, but your nice, upright citizen mind has probably not considered.

What if we-not the Russians, not the Chicoms, not the Muslims-are the imperial power in the next world war?  And what if that war has already started?

That a world war is coming is, well, pretty much proven by history.  Sooner or later, there is always a fucking world war.  But even as I see patriots scrambling to fight the evil empire at home, I think "well...what is the cheapest way to buy the loyalty of the citizens?"  Generally, with lots of foreign blood.  Again, that is sociological and historical fact-focusing your rage outward means you stop asking nasty questions about your civil liberties.  And that doesn't even count the staggering majority that will settle down as soon as R's start replacing D's in fedgov.

I'm gonna be honest, America.  This question makes my stomach quease.  But we already have the military power to do this thing, with the strategic bases to make it happen quickly, and, ha ha, oh yeah, a motherfucking precedent for whatever stupid jackoff occupies the oval office to go to war without the approval of Congress.  So whats a brother to do?  I don't want to support the evil world conquering empire, but I also don't really want to live in a country that *loses* a fuckin' world war.  Or even one that wins, because by the time you win, you are already such a bastard that it doesn't matter.

I don't know what the answer to this one is.  But I want it out there, because it seems like a lot of people haven't thought of it that way, for all the "OMG OBAMA = NAZI" rhetoric that gets bandied around.

I want you to wonder, patriots, threepers, preppers, gun nuts, agitators, subversives, scumfucks like me.  I want you all to wonder about where you stand in that theoretical conflict.  Because the scenario may be the one you least expect-and this one is more likely than you think.


  1. We usedto say "it aint much of a war,but its the onlyest 1 we got"

  2. WE stand with you .You Sir,are the baddest of the bad,the leanest of the lean,the meanest of the mean,you be THE lifetaker and heartbreaker.

  3. They say he is the og airborne ranger who lived the life of danger...

  4. I'll stand as far away from it as I can get. Don't want any part in it.

  5. "Greetings from the Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wastelands....The Ayatollah and Rockin' Ruler!"

    Got your hockey mask and football shoulder pads yet?

  6. Just remember, the lot of active or even passive rebels during a major war is seldom a happy one. It is not a scenario wherein one can win, whatever course of action (from active resistance to passive resistance to passive support to active support) one adopts.

    The best you can do, I fear, is go to ground and pray your lack of enthusiasm goes unnoticed...

  7. Not long after taking command of the Continental army of the
    South,Brig.Nathanael Greene wrote in 1781 to Col. Alexander Hamilton:"The
    division among the people is much greater than I imagined and the Whigs And
    the Tories persecute each other ,with little less than savage fury.There is
    nothing but murders and devastation.Pray we do not turn on each other in violence.