Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drinking the Glock Kool Aid

Yeah, you read that right.

I've been itching for a modern polymer fightin' pistol for some time and I got the opportunity to finger fuck a glock 21 recently, which is the one that I'm interested in.  People bitch about glock ergos, but I have giant rape ape hands so it wasn't too bad for me, with the caveat of course that I hadn't shot it yet.  I got my springfield during the great 1911 renaissance of 2001 or so, after reading my umpteenth billion article about them, but I want a higher capacity and more reliability for my primary fighting pistol.

Why a 21, exactly?  Because I may be fiendishly cheating on God's Pistol, but I'll be damned if I'm going to use anything but God's Caliber.

The Glock 21SF is what I am most interested in; the Internets seems to have a higher opinion of it and I want an integrated rail, though for what I don't know-I just like having options.  Of course, buying a new pistol means a new holster, new magazines and a new manual of arms, so I am currently researching all that shit.  Amanda is all hot and bothered to get her paws on my Springfield GI 1911; she has proven herself a good shot with it and likes the ergos, so this decision on my part will allow us to put off buying her a dedicated pistol for awhile and we can both take a pistol class together later if we want to.

Anyway, I keep hearing about magazine compatability in the G21 vs. the G21SF-one will take the other's mags but it doesn't go both ways.  Does anybody have the definitive word?  I'd like to keep my PAW magazine looting as simple as possible.  (Also my pre PAW magazine buying, but really, is that as much fun to say?)  I'd also like to know a little bit about what off brand magazines to avoid and what holsters tend to work best. 

What say you, Scumfucketeers?


  1. I am no expert, and you know this.

    However, I have been a happy Glock owner for several years.

    To be on the safe side, I would recommend you stay with factory Glock mags if you can afford them.

    But that's just me...

    Regarding holsters, many folks poo-poo them, but I like the Fobus with the retention adjusting screw.
    The Fobus may not be good for "combat," but for civvy carry I like it. It's the only holster I use for my G23.

    Happy shooting.

  2. I am an expert. 8^)

    Stick with GLOCK brand mags for anything but malfunction practice. Although I might try out the KRISS extension for fun.

    I despise FOBUS, so I stick with Uncle Mikes for cheap holsters. Safariland for serious use.

    I would definitely recommend replacing the GLOCK plastic sights with night sights or at least steel sights. Also a good cheap light like the TLR1 can be very handy.

    I miss my 21, and I am always on the lookout for a good deal on a 21SF or a 30SF.

    1. Uncle Mikes? Lolololol hahahaha! The Gucci holster crew farts in your general direction. ;)

  3. 13 rounders work fine in my sf21

  4. 21SF will not run with older G21 mags, so that will kinda limit your options vis-a-vis older mags. If it's just because you want a rail, all 21's have had those since the late '90s.

  5. Just for the record, it was my lovely wife's idea to combine funds on this one and make the hand me down. In generally, whenever there is a wise or responsible fiscal decision mentioned on this blog, you can always assume Amanda make it.

    I had to post this or she was going to punch my dick.

  6. The G21 is awesome. My first Glock was the Gen 1 G21, carried it for five or six years, until I got a G30. I carry the G30 now. I put over 12K rounds through the G21, including 2K-3K lead bullet reloads. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't shoot lead through a G21 barrel.Good place for mags:

    AFAIK, the Gen 4 G21 mags will fit the 21SF, the only real difference being the backstrap, not the mag-well.

    I carried an HK P9S in .45 before the Glock, but sold it after I got my G21 and never looked back. I don't know the difference between

    1. Yes, Gen 4 G21 mags will work in the SF.

  7. Sorry, was going to say I don't know the difference between the Gen 4 mags and the earlier mags except for the dual cut-outs for the ambi mag release button.

  8. Factory Glock magazines are about 25 each for the 9mm models I have (26L and 19L, my customization of a 19 and a 17) at Midway, and for a little longer, they have them on sale (is an anniversary).

    The 21...I have smaller paws, so while I shot one a while ago (think, ten round only times) and I liked it, my fingers don't quite wrap around them. Saw a few custom 21's with grip "reductions" on them, but they priced like a custom piece so I never got one.

    My 26L is usually on me with a 26 mag and one or two 19 mags.

  9. Another nice bonus of getting a G21 is that the mags will also work just fine in a G30, though they will of course stick out the bottom of the grip. With that setup you'll have 13 rounds of .45 in a compact pistol (G30).