Thursday, June 14, 2012

Self Improvement Plan

I've found myself in a deeper-than-usual funk lately.

My work load has increased substantially due to a deficit in staff and I get one day off on a good week.  And the actual work stress is getting worse due to a truly staggering level of micromanagement that is coming down the pipes.  That shit don't help, but it isn't the cause.

No, the cause is that I feel like I'm just stagnating.  Preps aren't moving forward fast enough and my workouts have stalled and I haven't been making any progress on either the book or my online story and god knows that I haven't had two mouths on my cock in too just feels like all of my goals are in limbo, and I fucking hate that.

So I've created a list of self improvement plans to implement over the next month.

#1: Stop smoking weed during the day.  Amanda does this and it seems to help her productivity; I'm going to cut my smoking down to early mornings when I get off work and nights after Gracie goes to bed.
#2: Go to bed earlier in the morning.  Working graveyards, you sometimes end up sleeping catchascatch can but I need to start getting up earlier so I'm going to try to go to bed right after work whenever possible.
#3: Schedule workouts around karate classes; go running if I'm not going to class.  This means evening running and definitely requires number 2 or else I'll never get enough sleep.  Morning runs are fun, but there are too many days where work is stressful and I just need to chill and get high.
#4: Reserve my spot in the rifle class and try to do plenty of shooting beforehand, particularly with pistol.  The rifle class requires some basic pistol work and even though I suck, I need to at least be able to put rounds on paper reliably to get the most out of the class I want.
#5: Eat dinner with my family every night.  If I start getting up earlier, I can help Amanda with dinner and make sure to get some time with them every day.  I think this will start improving my mood and physical health as much as anything else on the list; half the time I'm eating maybe one meal a day and that meal tends to be sugary\fatty crap because it's all I know how to cook.  I think family dinner would be a good start for us, no matter how hard it is to rationalize with my graveyard shift sleep schedule.
#6: Help my lovely wife with her new dehydration business (She has an excalibur on order and an endless supply of free produce) to bring in additional income for more preps, as well as for creating our own field rations.  Kick food storage into high gear.
#7: Meet some new people for fuck's sake.  I swear, being antisocial is the worst impediment ever if you are Unicorn Hunting.  I'd like for the two of us to go out for that very purpose once a month at least; I think that even making the effort together is both a sexual turn on and a balm for my troubled spirit.  One of the things I miss about the time before we had a kid was going out girl watching all the time-and this is the town for it man, let me tell ya.

Anyway, I need to get out of this funk and start moving forward.  I suppose it really is rather stupid of me to try to bring order to this universe when I don't even have my own shit in order.  And yeah, I know most of you are not here for my personal drama, you just want to hear me say fuck a lot.  So feel free to stick around for next time-I'll be sure to come up with something extra disturbing just for you.  You depraved bastard.


  1. I'm totally with you, dude.

    I've fallen into a trap of doing a minimum amount of work during the day and then digging into the beer mid-afternoon, and then going to bed way too late.

    My curse is working from home and being my own boss, which means my boss isn't cracking down on me like she needs to. My boss needs to be more of a bitch. :s

  2. "no self respecting man lets the sun catch him sleeping"
    pardon me dudettes.

  3. Yeah? How's that work on graveyards?

  4. I ambush that motherfucker on my 6am cigarette break every day. Bitch ass daystar.

  5. In case you ca'nt tell gracie has gone to bed.

  6. It's called the grind, and it appears to have snagged you.

    The good news is, you've noticed.

  7. I quit Indica during the day,only Sativa in daylight.Much more wireee.At this point in my career my meds will be all Indica.
    the dyslexic patriot

  8. I know what you life gives me way too many excuses to just say "fuck it" and start drinking and playing videogames until bedtime rather than sticking to my gym schedule and doing productive shit. Fuckit, cause it's been a long ass day. Fuckit cause I just got back from a shitty field op. Fuckit, cause life is crap, I haven't seen my family in months and won't see them for many more and I'm nothing but a pawn.

    Fortunatly, GNC sells certain drink mixes in small round containers that will temporarily turn 'fuckit' into 'FUCK YEAAAAAH TIME TO FUCK SHIT UP!' I'm not crazy about the fact that it takes Jack3d or NoXplode to even get me in the gym half the time but dammit it's better than not going. And that shit will change the way you lift.