Friday, March 23, 2012

Bushcraft Boogie

A marked change in the bug in / bug out philosophy is taking place at the Scumfuck household and ancillary households.

As spring, uh, sproings into our laps all dripping with bugout potential, we are planning a bushcraft focused event with minimal gear and a scoring system that enables us to calculate who passes and who fails. This is different from previous bugouts in two signifigant ways.

1) No martial aspects. We are doing our Mall Ninja shit at a different event.
2) Competition. Other bugouts have all been cooperative efforts-fun, but i don't think we learn as much that way.

We are also beginning to look at drills for bugging in. Bugging in isn't nearly as sexy, but it is the default plan most of the time because during most SHTF events we all still have to go in to work. It does me no good to be an skilled, sexy refugee with a really nice bugout bag if we have to live in a FEMA trailer with nine other families afterwards because I'm too broke to pay the rent. We have some simple procedures for lockdown but I'm going to have another look at our neighborhood soon and see what kind of low profile drills we can do. At the very least, we can figure out where to place our OPs.

I'm also going to start emphasizing cardio in my workouts. No matter how you slice it, heart disease is a greater risk than zombies and I need to start prepping accordingly.

And Amanda and I are scheduled for a SRUS rifle class in May. I'm looking forward to it; it'll be my most ninja-y class ever and I can finally start talking shit about 90% of the internet gun blogosphere for having no serious gun training. Squee. I can't wait.

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  1. Practicing the plan is good stuff. Like drilling in the military, makes the reaction automatic. A good thing in an emergency, and builds confidence to boot...