Monday, March 19, 2012

Pirates of the Emerald Sea

Sorry about the lack of content, Scumfucketeers. Gracie has been on spring break so we've been spending pretty much every waking hour together. We had a lot of fun, but I'll be glad to drop her off at school on Monday.

Anyway, today we built a pirate ship. The new bed Amanda and I ordered online came in like five big cardboard boxes so we took them out to the backyard and set them up with duct tape to vaguely resemble a ship. Then I dug a small hole under the bow and jammed a few metal poles that came off the frame of the old bed into the dirt so we could fly our pirate banner.

The day was idyllic; mostly blue skies with straight off a greeting card white clouds. Once we successfully got the mast to stay in place, the "SURRENDER THE BOOTY" novelty pirate banner that had been hanging in the living room was quite picturesque. We played out there for several hours, singing jolly sea chanties and watching the trains run by and eventually just laying on our backs in the grass to watch the clouds roll by.

Other adventures this week included: Meeting a friend's new baby, trying out roller skates, spending the day with her pack, playing legos with the neighbors in the back of my truck, bugging out along the railroad tracks and chasing a mouse across the parking lot.

Parenting has it's own fairy tales, and contrary to popular belief is often a screaming, hair pulling, eyeball gouging uphill battle against the forces of chaos. But Gracie and I had a pretty good happy ever after week.

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  1. And later this evening Amanda will "Surrender the Booty!!"