Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nephandi In Fiction

I'm calling this one the Council of Void. These are just some good examples of a Nephandi in popular media, with a particular emphasis on those who my own Nephandi would have a good working relationship with.

Qualifications: Supernatural powers, especially with regard to temptation and mind control. Amoral nature. Little or no attempt to justify their actions. 4th Wall breaking, knowledge of self as storybook character a plus.

Lo Pan (Big Trouble in Little China) - "...and rule the universe from beyond the grave." "Indeed!" "Or check into a psycho ward, whichever comes first."
Sheriff Lucas Buck (American Gothic) - Perhaps the most classic example, a small town sheriff that manipulates everyone to their "true potential" which is generally complete fuckery.
Randall Flagg, Leland Gaunt, Andre Linoge (Stephen King Universe) - Seriously, that place is lousy with Nephandi.
Dr Facilier (The Princess & the Frog) - A master class in temptation and illusion, plus a certain jazz flair.
The Warlock (Warlock Series) - Another template example.
Mr. Lordi (Musician Persona) - A bit of a stretch, but watch any of the videos and you will see that Mr. Lordi easily qualifies.
Black Mage (8 Bit Theatre) - Most likely the group's comic relief, but his 4th wall awareness is the strongest example on this list. Tearing down creation is a noteworthy goal when the universe actually exists only to hurt you.
Kefka (FF6J) - Another classic video game example. His speech at the end really cinches it.
Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat Universe) - A sarcastic dark sorcerer from Hell-what could be more obvious? I picked him over Shang Tsung as we already have Lo Pan.

With my Nephandi as the World of Darkness delegate, it behooves me to say that this is a piss poor working group that will likely tear itself apart with infighting before actually doing any harm. And thank God for that.


  1. No love for Brother Justin from Carnivale (aka: Mage, the Hamfisted HBO Version)?