Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Bit About My Avatar

First, a couple of reference items.

So yeah. Unicorn hunting. Fundamentally, this is my excuse to drop a bit of culture on your face and a bit of an inside joke with regard to my sexual proclivities.

You'd be surprised at how common this sexual quirk is; do a quick search on your local craigslist and you will find that there are a lot of wannabe unicorn hunters out there, so much so that any f4f ad generally includes the terms "no couples." But it exists in the dark, in the gutter, in the cracks between modern social institutions. There are no Unicorn Hunter activists, no Unicorn Hunting for dummies, no Unicorn Hunter only dating sites. Certainly no college scholarships or pride walks. A lot of people don't approve of it-even within the poly community. Fuck 'em.

Hunting the unicorn in the wild is the most exquisite of pleasures Amanda and I share. It lets us ride the rush of newly minted lust without shattering our home life. It lets us experience the thrill of the hunt while keeping the stability of a relationship. It is the dangerous thrill of the shared secret combined with a mutual appreciation of the female form. It is a taste of decadence with the safety of home. You want to know why it is as popular as it is, so popular that a bunch of tweed clad poly intellectuals have to invent a snarky term for it? Because it's fun, goddamn it. Nothing more. It's fun, and apparently a lot of other people think so too, and having a blog and an industrial sized tube of three dollar words doesn't make you the grand holy arbiter of whose sexuality is valid.

I'm taking the term back, motherfuckers.



  1. It's so fun to be hunted and used as a sex toy and relationship enhancer for couples with double standards. That's why there are so many single bi girls looking for a couple and not vice versa.

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