Sunday, April 1, 2012

Video Games I'd Like To See

A strategy game about the Western Gunboat Flotilla. Partially because brown water navy gets no love-and partially because I want to watch a flotilla of steamers and mortar rafts bang away at Island No. 10 in support of landward operations. Civil War Strategy is a common enough genre, but Naval is rare and Riverine is simply nonexistent, so I feel there is a gap in the market for history buffs. Of course, to get non history buffs in on the act, you have to make the game awesome-but what isn't awesome about ironclad steamers?

A multiplayer co-op zombie FPS done exactly right, the way people want to see it. Let's face it; zombie games are Mary Sue fare par excellance, and people don't want to play a group of random one dimensional douchebag strangers with cheesy one liners; they want to play as themselves. I propose a fully featured avatar generator and maybe an RPG skill tree, coupled with a good FPS engine, maybe Source. Since we're going full retard here, we might as well add a CoD style weapon unlock system so you can set your avatar up exactly like you want. (I'd also like to see civillian legal weapons emphasized.) Nobody has come up with the "Me & My Crew vs. Zombies" idea for some reason, and I cannot fathom why.

And since no yearly crop of games would be complete without a remake, I'm gonna propose a remake of a classic from my childhood-Silent Service. Christ on a cracker, I played the shit out of this game; I mean I actually got my ass down to the library and read up and submarine warfare just to improve my odds. I think it's high time for a bad ass submarine game on a modern platform; not just a collection of pretty cgi cutscenes but a really high end simulator. I'll never forget that gut churning tension of diving and running silent after a torpedo launch misses and a big pissed off destroyer escort comes steaming my way. Good times.


  1. Sorry I never played it. That being said, I would pay $60 for a copy of Silent Service II that I could play on my notebook. Unlike a lot of naval games I've played - where is Harpoon 3 or 4 for modern OS's? - this game raised a sweat on my brow 30% of the scenarios.
    "Please,sir,may I have some more?..." Whatever works. I beg of the 'net...
    No luck yet.

  2. I second your zombie notion (for obvious reasons), and will see your Civil War Riverine naval strategy and raise you a World War I naval strategy game that doesn't suck.

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