Friday, March 30, 2012

Martin, Zimmerman & Me

I've reserved judgement on this issue so far because I was waiting for more facts to come forward. All the other gunbloggers are buzzing about it, as are a lot of ordinary ol' sheeple.

This is going to be an uncharacteristically short post.

Today I've been reading articles, watching videos, verifying sources, all that shit the media isn't doing on this case. I have heard overt distortions, omissions and manipulations of factual evidence by media talking heads. I have borne witness to the carefully crafted reactions of politicians, celebrities and, perhaps most strikingly, anonymous commenters on news sites. I have seen soulless, hypocritical scum make overt threats of extra judicial violence.

I have only this to say: Enjoy your race war, America. You've fucking earned it.

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