Monday, February 6, 2012

Race Wars & Zombie Apocalypse

I placed the following response to a question on ZS for a GRE Article linked here. The question was, "Why are Gun Owners embracing the zombie metaphor?" My response follows:

I think the thing gun owners like about the zombie metaphor is the lack of moral ambiguity.

The various prep scenarios for which full battle rattle will be most important like Balkanization, ethnic conflict or dirty civil wars are rather ugly and no one wants to contemplate it too heavily. Thinking of it in terms of zombies means a clearly defined enemy with easily discernible characteristics that everyone will unite against regardless of ideology.

It is a fun thought excercise, rather than a depressing one where you may end up killing your friends and neighbors over petty differences-or worse, being killed by them for the same petty differences. With Z's, everyone gets to dress up in their mall ninja gear and fight for humanity without contemplating the heavy question of "Where do I stand in this conflict?"

I had flashbacks to making that post when I saw this and this.

So what does this mean? I mean, we're all survivalists or quasi survivalists here, we have all had a look at Matt Bracken's CW2 Cube. In times of great tension, people tend to split along racial lines. That is a historical & sociological fact, not speculation. You see it in the micro in maximum security lockdown; you see it in the macro when nations collapse. Racism is a an act of genetic insanity that defies logic, but when the Endarkenment continues people are going to clump together based on the most easily discernible characteristics-and if that ain't a heartbeat, it's gonna be skin color.

I'm going to be really sad if TEOTWAWKI is a race war instead of a zombie apocalypse. A zombie apocalypse is simple and clean in comparison.

It would prove beyond doubt that I am right; we haven't evolved one goddamn bit, have we?

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