Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ruminations on Gear & Sexual Orientation

To the survivalist scumfuck on a budget, older milsurp tends to be a godsend-cheap and durable enough to function. Maybe it isn't the lightest, most effective or most ergonomic, but it has that combination of dirt cheap and bombproof that means it isn't a total waste of money. I've always advocated older milsurp even now when the trend among preppers is a "grey" approach, for those very reasons. Top shelf civillian gear is light, rugged and 'low profile' but only like a quarter of my budget is for the bug out scenario, which is the least likely scenario given my AO and capabilities. So I have to have cheap and unbreakable, with other considerations falling by the wayside.

Yet here I am, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Beez Combat Systems AK chest rig and my Tru-Spec 24/7 series tactical pants. Oh, yeah, sure, maybe I need a modern chest rig for a rifle class to replace the slightly above airsoft quality 'spetsnatz' LBV I have now. And maybe i need some BDUs where the goddamn crotch isn't always blowing out due to my enormous package and\or poor quality stitching. But really these are items for the lowest percentage scenario-the full on Mad Max SHTF where I need a rifle, five mags, and ninja pants-and I think the only real reason is because I want to see how the other half lives.

I'm no gear queer, but I suppose I might be a little gear bi curious.

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  1. It's a fine line between "grey" and full on Mad Max. Grey and it's post-Katrina, better be sneaky, shoot, scoot, shovel, etc.

    Got a pair of Sneaky Bags for rifles, and while they do kinda resemble a laptop carrier, the belt and leg strap would, if noticed, cause somebody to wonder. That, and even if I get around to a folder for, well, something, most likely the Mini 14, as it'd be easiest, its still a big long package to stuff down one's pants, and in the pants, it'll blow out crotch stitching like an enormous package will.

    Full on Mad Max, well, I'd need the "tactical son carrier" being a single papa with a 2 and a half year old, and while he looooooooves "pows" I think he'd hate them as soon as he was within 3 feet of one going off.

    But I do want me some ninja pants. Dickey's cargo pants are okay, but not quite good enough for full on ninja use. Hope to hear a review of the Tru Spec pants you're getting.