Friday, February 3, 2012

More Bugout Planning

Working to set up our group's mock bugouts for the year, we are experimenting with a major paradigm shift.

It will be on the heels of a tough year. Last year was shit for preps; we did one bugout and had another bugout that got cancelled at the last minute. A lot of it was because we had to move-all of our shit ended up deep in storage and we have been drifting aimlessly in a cheap apartment trying hard not to descend to the level of primates. Apathy, laziness, rehab, incarceration, personal dramas and financial fuckery have all lined up to kick us in the balls over the past year and have dragged our preps into an all time low when I was hoping for an all time high. C'est la vie. We have to make what we can of it.

Anyway, we had been trying to cram everything into a weekend before-juxtaposing the combat training with the bushcraft and trying to do it all at once. Thinking on it now, that might have been a mistake-it seems to work okay for SF candidates doing Robin Sage but we are just a bunch of stoners and nerds in cheap web gear trying to survive the apocalypse, the whole idea was probably a bit ambitious. So we are going to split it up, do one wilderness survival event and then five or six one combat training events plus three or four general emergency preparedness drills for bugging in.

This years wilderness bugout is tentatively scheduled for late march to mid april. We are doing a minimal gear event, just knife, buttpack and water bottle. We'll build some shelters, try some primitive fires, maybe try to harvest some wild food. I don't know for sure if we are going to bug out at our usual location (some modest acreage in the southern part of the state) or if we will be trying something new. Either way we are going to focus on our bushcraft skills and save the Mall Ninja shit for another day.

So how about it, Internet? What are you plans for bugging out this year?


  1. I am not physically able to bug out on foot anywhere. Having got some modest acreage in S. Indiana now I'm gonna bug in for most anything.
    If I have to bug out all hell will have broken loose and I probably wouldn't be able to go far anyway.

    Like to hear your thoughts on this.

  2. My wife has myriad physical issues which make her incapable of bugging out in any realistic fashion. Since I'm with her unto death, we'll bug in and hope for the best.

  3. You guys are making me feel lucky to be foot mobile.

    My folks have decided to do the same-dig in and die in place if needed. I can see how it makes sense...once I've worked to pay off a piece of land for 35 years I'd probably rather die than let some other motherfucker occupy it too.

    The fact is, being a city dweller in a crappy apartment, I have no attachment to the ground I'm on and am free in that respect to F.E.A.R. if needed. So we include it in our planning.

  4. F.E.A.R.- Words to live by. With that said, my old man's cabin south of here is my most likely "current" destination, since I can get there with relative ease- and once I'm there, I have water, food, and shelter- and almost nobody knows where it is.