Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My X Never Y

I just want to throw something out there.

I own X and X has never jammed through eleventy billion rounds of +P is never a valid statement.

A common statement among Hi Point and Taurus Judge shooters, this scientific bomb is dropped as evidence of a firearm's reliability.

Folks, if your weapon never jams, you just aren't running it hard enough. There will be failures in any mechanical device with moving parts; that is a simple fact. To really determine a weapon's reliability, you have to keep a detailed log of rounds fired, magazine and ammunition type used, etc. etc. Just saying "My Taurus PT 24/7 has never had a single FTF and I've owned it for 18 years BEST PISTOL EVAR ZOMG!!!" doesn't work, especially when the fucker has been sitting in a safe for most of that time.

Run your shit hard and keep a record if you really want to guess on reliability. For me, I will continue to use God's Pistol (a stock GI 1911) and accept the fact that failures happen. If a Taurus (or, *shudder* Hi Point) is all you can afford, I'm not going to bust your balls-plenty of my shit is cheap-but don't spew nonsense about how it is a perfectly reliable pistol that is denigrated by Internets Haters. Just get good at Malfunction Drills and practice your pistol whip. Actually, you should practice those things even if you have a pistol that the Internets Hardcases say is dead nuts reliable-because you're still one crappy primer away from an FTF.

This has been your drug addled rant for the day; please resume your responsible gun blogging.


  1. I can't argue. Pistol whipping is a good idea, since unlike a blade, the "bang" part is one degree. Well, a scattergun is maybe 2 degrees, but I digress.

    Have a few boxes of the Swedish training ammo left over, wish I'd bought a couple crates when I had the chance (its blue, is accurate for close range work...but doesn't cycle the 9mm. Gotta rack it yourself). Is good for practice at the range with failure to extract clearing.

  2. Oh....and I've fired twelvety billion plus six +p+ rounds through my Aitch Kay Mark 23 at distances up to a mile, and not only didn't it jam, it caused crazy yahoos intent on robbing a bank to spontaneously surrender just knowing somebody, someplace, had one in this county!

  3. How true. Use it the way it was designed for. Fast & hard, that way there are no surprises.

  4. I had a guy tell me his <blank> never once jammed. He offered to let me try it but warned me to not use Winchester ammunition. I asked why and he told me -- with a straight face -- it sometimes FTF'ed or stovepiped with Winchester. The first time my wife tried a <super reliable tupperware> it had at least one jam in every full magazine. When it comes to rounds fired with no failures, everybody lies.

    Except me.

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