Monday, January 16, 2012

My Gun Culture & Yours

Is anyone else concerned with the pussification of survivalists and gun owners?

If I'm the only one I'll shut up, but I'm noticing a few disturbing trends on my various gun-and-survivalism forums.

Maybe it was my upbringing; I was raised survivalist the way some people are raised Baptist, and they were survivalist's survivalists, not "preppers" by Gawd. They wore camo BDUs (woodland of course) and advocated .38 revolvers and bolt action rifles, maybe a garand at the outside-if you need a semi auto it was because you couldn't shoot straight. They read Kurt Saxon and Ragnar Benson and Soldier of Fortune and practiced the odd bit of poaching or drug dealing to make ends meet. The nice, sensible, prepper community on ZS likes to make fun of these 70's era survivalists; they like to pretend that they are cool and ironic and much more urbane and sophisticated than "those crazy militia nutjobs" but I sometimes wonder if most of them have the stomach for what is coming.

Maybe you don't think we've lost anything by going all sensible and "grey man." I'm not sure if we have or not, if shedding the 'Post Apocalypse Badass Cowboy' romanticism was a good thing or if maybe losing the romance was something we will regret later. Is it time to be reasonable, or time to be scary? Is there room for both?

I damn sure don't like these urban hipsters posting pictures of spotless Kifaru backpacks and accessory encrusted ARs while they make fun of how dumb my parents were. You can't even be bothered to get your shit dirty, you fucking poseurs-you don't know a goddamn thing about survivalism.

But you'll learn.


  1. You're not the only one to notice.

    And if you're having a slow evening and want some entertainment, suggest that the local town/county, backed up by the Sheriff's Office, is far more likely to be the genesis of a warlord type system instead of the "conventional wisdom" that says that the aforementioned will be part of some solution.

    And observing that I can get as many AR/AK as I want because I use a bolt gun with double the effective range can serve for several days worth of internet based chuckles.

  2. Hey Man! Just found you through the SiteMeter. Thanks for the link. I will reciprocate.
    Your another Hoosier, eh?

  3. LOL. Takes all kinds. Now me, I was raised more like them and think more like you, so I get to be scorned by everyone.

  4. When it all comes down, there will be two kinds of people after the shit hits...those that wake up with most of their shit intact, and those who just don't wake up.