Friday, January 13, 2012

Raising an Epic Chid - Gracie's Song List

Gracie sang a mash up of 3 Shades of Black and Soft Kitty today.

She does that sometimes, mashes songs together or replaces words or lines with other lines. She does the Elmo thing where she finds a word she likes and sings it to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." She hums the songs we sing to her while she does things in her quiet, gravely focused way, building blocks or assembling train tracks or coloring.

These are typical experiences for parents, but most parents probably don't expose her to any good music until much later than we do.

The songs I sing her when she goes to bed at night are chosen very carefully; they have to be songs that I can always remember no matter what my state of intoxication might be. Thus, we have a sort of ADD mix CD setup here, with metal and country and nursery rhymes and showtunes all juxtaposed together. I thought you might like to see the partial list of songs my daughter is always singing or humming and the names she calls them.

Clutch, Cypress Grove - AKA "Now Women" (This song is arguably her favorite; she likes to listen to it on my phone)
Monster Magnet, All Friends and Kingdom Come - AKA "Enter Now" (The standby for when Daddy is *really* fucked up-I can sing this song upside down and blindfolded)
Hank Williams, Cocaine Blues - AKA "Early One Morning" (She loves to sing along with this one; she knows every line)
Fiddler On The Roof OBC, If I Were A Rich Man - AKA "Dibba Dibba" (I catch her singing this one on her own all the time, just going "Dibba dibba dibba dum" at random)
Ronnie James Dio, Rainbow in the Dark - AKA "Rainbow inna Dark" (A good, heavy metal lullaby song)
Tim Mcgraw, Don't Take The Girl - AKA "Johnny's Daddy" (This is a mommy song, but Gracie asks for it all the time)

There are other songs too, especially classic nursery songs, but I find they don't last long enough to have a prayer at getting her to sleep. She needs to have long enough to lose interest in singing and dancing and start getting soothed. I think most people would be creeped out to hear me sing to my daughter; I usually kind of render these songs into a Disney Sing Along format that is probably quite unnerving to anyone that listens to the lyrics.

But I'm raising a bad ass daughter that will someday pwn your little honor student's face off, bitch.

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