Sunday, December 11, 2011

Am I really gonna be the only gunblogger that covers this?

Check this; ya'll are gonna love this.

Armed Militia Musters In Defense of Occupy Phoenix

Ignore the smarmy liberal "ZOMG WHY WON'T YOU COUSIN FUCKING REDNECK FILTH JUST AGREE WITH US ALREADY?" tone. That is a personal bias of the author that is well demonstrated all over this leftist "news" website. Also ignore the fact that they take the SPLC at their word, which we all know is grievous oversight on the part of anyone that cares about anything besides their existing agenda.

I keep track of Occupy Bloomington and Occupy Indy as well. I read their message board and keep up on their various newsfeeds. Not because I agree with them, but because I like knowing what large groups of people in my AO are doing. Winter has thinned them out here, but there are still a few diehards. Bloomington is a smart town; they aren't kicking them out, just waiting for them to go back home with their frozen tails between their legs. I have no idea what they think they are accomplishing-virtually the entire working class of this town is laughing at them. Also, my delivery driver friends all say they don't tip for shit.

All that said, they have a right to protest and god help me, even wail away for more gun control. And their concerns with excessive police force are valid-I have voiced many of the same concerns over the years, even when the abuses are perpetuated on people that make me wanna puke, because it could be me next, you know?

So in general, this idea intrigues me, and I thought about making a serious diplomatic overture to them once, even had vague ideas of bringing my pack of scumfucks with AKs and a pot of chili to make a formal stand. But you know what? These folks have gun control firmly on their agenda, at least at every general assembly I wandered by, and I think a sharp lesson on what happens when the government has guns and you don't is in order here.

So no, I'm not going to show up with AKs and chili to protect the right of free speech in btown. I'm just gonna keep popcorn on standby and eat the fucking chili myself.

To the cute widdle idealists at #OWS and #occupybloomington : I acknowledge you have some valid talking points. But when that liberal honeymoon comes to an end and the Leviathan realizes you won't be content swapping a bunch of R's for D's...don't come crying to me. I don't have any interest in fighting for those too cowardly to fight for themselves. Hope the pepper spray is keeping you warm.


  1. Amen to that.

    I decided a long time ago that self defense cannot be ethically delegated to a third party. Every person has the natural right to take whatever measures for self defense his condition allows. Some choose not to exercise that right and I am content to respect that decision.

  2. I'll forgive you just this once Tam. :P

    I only heard of it from my various #ows news feeds; like I said, I like to know what the various mobs in my AO are doing and thinking. Still, it is noteworthy that because it doesn't fit the narrative, coverage is minimal.

    That said, on the various AZ gun forums, this guy is well known as an attention whoring Neo Nazi. So maybe he isn't the best representative for the Liberty Sphere...