Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Batman & Gunwalker - Arkham City Spoilers

So if you are wondering about my general lack of productivity, blame Arkham City. But that isn't the point here.

You can't be even kind of a gamer and not have heard of Arkham City. It is a masterpiece of a game, but that isn't the point here either.

Anyway, one of the things that Batman does in the game is try to track down where the Joker's men are getting their weapons. Apparently they are armed to the teeth with G36's and Grenades and have been wreaking havoc in the city-this despite the fact that Arkham City is technically a large open air prison. An open air prison with strict controls on importation and exportation, particularly of weapons.

Anyway, Batman being Batman, he goes down into the fucking sewer and punches people in the dick until he finds out where the weapons are coming from-none other than Dr Hugo Strange, the 'warden' of the city's grand experiment in civil rights abuses. Turns out he's been running this whole show for his own profit, naturally, and is providing the Joker with weapons because the predictable chaos that ensues in Arkham City will enable him to begin 'Protocol 10' which is a violent crackdown by the armed mercenaries serving as security forces. They tear ass up and down the city in helicopters firing rockets and chainguns and shit to purge the filth, and naturally Batman has to punch things until it stops.

Sounding familiar? A heavily but inneffectively defended border, guns paid for by taxpayer dollars being provided to dangerous criminals, a crackdown by overly militarized mercenary police on people that had nothing to do with the initial violence?

Game over, folks. The inmates are running the fucking asylum. And we ain't got no Batman to save us.

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