Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Inverse Slippery Slope: Where Does It End?

So I was thinking the other day that those of us in the liberty sphere need to define when we will stop pushing for greater gun freedoms, as a sort of baseline goal. It is noteworthy that anti gunners do not do this-they just keep saying that this one piece of legislation is the one that will end the scourge of "gun violence" forever and ever world without end hosana hosana hosana amen. And then they go and spout about how those terrifying gun nuts won't be reasonable like the English or the Chinese. In any case, if you are wondering when Chris By-The-Throat considers his 2A rights to be complete, this article will discuss that issue.

Given that 2A is considered an individual right, let me give you a starting point: that means anything that is not crew served. Personal weaponry is the benchmark of individual rights, as in, how much power is the State willing to concede to the individual. So here is the laundry list.

NFA Law Reform - No unusual regulation on SBRs, SBS, Suppressors, AOWs or MGs, they will be bought and sold like all other firearms. The way the laws are structured now, especially with the pre 86 requirement, means that only the very wealthy can afford to get into machine gun shooting, and a right enjoyed only by the rich is generally known by the more accurate term "privilege."

Constitutional carry in every state. Sorry folks, but "keep and bear" means "own and carry." Criminalizing the carry of weapons at all does nothing to prevent street crime, but it does give the cops a good reason to hassle anyone they see carrying a weapon. Since that whole "blood in the streets" prophecy never came true, it is sheer idiocy to persist in this affront.

Mandatory firearms education in high schools. Frankly, this will do more to prevent accidents than anything that gun banners have ever done, with the added bonus of a zombie proof society. Even more frankly, if the system is churning out kids that can't shoot and don't know anything about guns then the education system is failing. Guns exist-even the most deluded anti gun zealot has to concede this point-and they are something that should be understood by everyone who wants to vote on public policy regarding guns.

An end to compliance parts restrictions, better known as "a good way to throw honest men in jail." Seriously, how does requiring US made parts in a semi automatic rifle curb crime?

A complete deregulation of non ballistic weapons with regards to both ownership and carry. Sorry folks, but there is no way you can rationalize allowing pistols and banning switchblades and sword canes.

Should all of these things come to pass, I will be drop my JPFO membership and instead donate to the non ILA side of the NRA, the one that focuses on education and safety instead of legislative action. Why? Because I will consider my 2A rights to be within the realm of "shall not be infringed."

Now, to all those anti gun types out there, I feel I have to ask-when will you be done? With a reasonable model like England's? Norway? South Africa? When will you say "We are doing enough to control gun violence, time to hang up the bloody t-shirt I've been waving all this time?"

Somehow I don't think we'll ever get an answer.

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