Sunday, November 28, 2010

If D&D Had An Anti-Gun Lobby

Consider, if you will, the English Longbow.

A masterwork longbow you say? 1d8 piercing damage, with up to a +3 bonus for strength?

WRONG! A deadly rapid fire assault weapon, with a high capacity quiver to facilitate massacres and equipped with deadly "Knight-Killer" bodkin points, capable of penetrating a noble's breastplate. And if you want the deadly string muffler, a foul tool of assassins and poachers, you have to pay the local magistrate 200 gp and wait six months for approval.

Some more fun facts about this version of D&D:

Components for all spells that do over 1d6 damage require an "Accessible Combat Magic Permit" issued at the discretion of the local sheriff.

Anyone with less than a +10 base attack bonus can only own Blunt type weapons, due to the potential for mass collateral damage.

Anyone living in a recognized Gargoyle territory is permitted to own magic weapons of up to +3 enchantment, but must show a demonstrable need first. Usually having a few of your children eaten will do.

What a lame campaign this would be.

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