Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Return of "What the Fuck have you been doing anyway, Scumfuck?"

I've been modifying myself to a more low profile presence online.  Not for any strategic reasons or anything; I've just been a slag heap of ennui and nihilism lately and I didn't want to fill this blog with emo poetry.  I'm living a single life now, switching jobs, and my goalposts have been moved from "homeownership with an eye for future compound building" to "Pay ALL the utilities on time."  No sympathy required; I'm a fuckup, a scumfuck even, and nine tenths of what I am suffering is 100% deserved.

In the process, I've been amassing a steady collection of rejection letters and working on the next book, training, parenting up a storm and trying to figure out how to actually run my life by myself.  Like most lunatics, I have fucked up a lot on my own and, God willing, learned something from it.  I also gave myself a year off of following politics, which helped remarkably with my blood pressure.  And I've been running a DCU superheroes game that is, quite frankly, one of my best campaigns-at least that's something.

In the future you can look forward to more ravings and such; I know you love that shit.  For now, let me just say it's nice to be back in Arkham with you freaks.

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  1. Welcome back. The voices in my head missed you.