Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I am not, in fact, dead (or even undead) at this time.  Some of you have used various means to contact me and check on my welfare; that is seriously awesome of you but I am OK.

My world stagnates when it's not burning, but I am almost ready to join civilization again.  

I have wandered deep in the wild and wooly beyond of Xanax and Sodomy, and returned intact-I hope.  Soon you will all be subject to the merciless scalpel of my bent logic once again, and somehow be better for it.  But I have to get my shit together just a little more before I can accept regular visitors to my funhouse.

Thank you for your concern and patience, you fucking degenerates. 


  1. Welcome back, my've been missed!

  2. Welcome back, been checking every few days for your return. Pretty much in the same boat as ya so don't think your alone.