Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where We Need To Focus

So where do gun owners need to focus now, in this little legal battle of the bulge?

Strategically, we are and have been winning.  The facts (well, the peer reviewed ones anyway) are consistently on our side.  The court decisions have been in our favor.  State governments are getting the picture and expanding gun ownership.  This is a desperate cheap shot, the cheapest shot of all, and they were prepared for it the second there was an opening with a dog and pony show the likes of which I hope to never see again.

Final nail in the coffin for gun control?  It could be, if we make the push.  What do we need to do? I have taken the liberty of compiling a bullet list.

1. The modern debate is defined by sound bites.  The infographic and the snarky parody facebook picture, along with twitter, means that you need to fit more content into less space.  The gun banners are rallying on tumblr and twitter and trying to appear larger than they are.  We know, from every comment thread on every news article, from every six month waiting period for ATF paperwork, for every long ass line outside the sheriff's office for CCW paperwork, that we outnumber then en masse, and every echo chamber they build is one we can overwhelm them in-if we are willing to go there.

2. Internal witch hunt.  We need to either educate or publicly shame the Gun Owner Butts.  You know, the ones that will let them take your semi auto rifle as long as they can keep their precious shotgun and why do you crazies need an assault weapon anyhow?  We crucified Zumbo and that other guy that Zumboed when they stepped out of line and we need to continue doing so at every opportunity.  Let them know "Need" has nothing to do with it.

3. Full court press on the local front.  The absolute best thing we can do right now to safeguard our rights is to push our state legislature to assert their own rights.  Do you know the name of your local State Senator?  What about your Sheriff?  Make them say in public that they will stick to the various Firearms Freedom acts that have been passed.  If they won't, elect yourself a firebrand.  A libertarian president might be a pipe dream, but a libertarian sheriff could make your life a lot easier as a gun owner.

4. While I'm on the subject of party-FOR GOD'S SAKE ABANDON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.  Even if Family Guy hadn't Godwined the Republican Party into irrelevance already, the Heffalumps no longer represent small government OR gun rights.   Every crowing establishment republican that is gleefully going "This wouldn't have happened with My Guy, but you jerks had to go off into Wookieland..."  Shake him by his wise old head and scream in his face "GUN OWNERS HAVE CARRIED THE TORCH FOR YOU CRAPSACK HEFFALUMPS FOR TOO LONG AND YOU SERVE UP MITT "ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN" ROMMNEY?"  They fucking deserved to lose and you know it, so wipe that partisan grin off your face and make it happen.

5. Continue networking and training as if you are going to fight a war.  I can't promise you one won't come, whether I like it or not.  But these cowards-not so much in government but as in media-need to see that the big stick is there and what the big stick is for.


  1. That's about it.

    Frikkin maroons.

  2. I gotta say, #3 is why I have come to love my mush-mouthed, monotone, assbag collective of a Borough Assembly. I may find them as useful as tits on a boar hog most days, but they introduced and then passed unanimously, a resolution stating that the FNSB will not support any action infringing upon the constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of its citizens. They did this in less than five minutes. For perspective, these clowns usually take half an hour deciding the wording of pointless bulletins of support...

  3. That's a numbered list.

    Still a good list though. Internal witch hunts are always fun.

  4. *Raises clenched fist in support.*
    Scream it from the rooftops!

  5. "...this little legal battle of the bulge?"

    Dude, brilliant analogy. :)

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