Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get Your Squick On

Some people ask me why I have to bring up my various sexual deviancies on this blog that is, at least ostensibly, a gun blog.  You've heard a lot about it and you'll hear a lot more, especially if things heat up with a charming unicorn in our future sometime.  Part of the reason is that I like making people uncomfortable; I view it as a calling and, let's face it, that is more or less the only thing I'm any good at.

But the real answer of "Why here?  Why on your gun blog?"  That one is generally "Because I'm the libertarian you have to live with."

Do you believe in personal freedom or not?  (And personal freedom in the closet isn't freedom at all.)  I can live with you expressing your aversion to my lifestyle, but can you live with me living that lifestyle and not covering it up?  If not, despite any concurrent views we might have on the gun issue, we are on opposite sides of the culture wars.

In the end, it has become my way to preemptively weed out those that wouldn't be comfortable around me, and get a few cheap shock laughs along the way.  Nothing about that is inconsistent or hypocritical and I have made that point before.  And honestly, no one has ever come here to give me any shit about it-but maybe that is because I've made it clear from the beginning.

I'm not breaking your leg or picking your pocket-so what's the fucking problem?


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  2. Dude! You're getting Spam!
    You've hit the bigtime haven't you...

    Unicorn hunting and blasters. I can't fault that combination, the bonus of the Unicorns? They're in season all year long!

  3. I used to live a good approximation of your lifestyle, before Christ changed my life...

    ...and I've still got your back. We are all sinners, and as such, we have to work out our own salvation on an individual basis. I'd rather share a foxhole with you, than with someone who'd throw you to Caesar's minions simply because he doesn't approve of how you roll.