Saturday, November 24, 2012

How To Make A Monster (Excuse)

I promise I haven't fallen off the earth again.  I'm still in publish mode, with my very first submission having been sent and reviews starting to come in from my close friends circle on Codex.  Between that and trying to get my preps squared away further, I'm never able to update this blog.

Both Amanda and I have been working a grisly amount of overtime this season so money is good but time is short.

I did finally buy the glock but I haven't had time to shoot it yet.  I'll let you know a little more about how that kool aid tastes once I have a chance to get it out to the range.  On the whole, from dryfire and general fucking around, I can tell you two things so far: I'm spoiled by that nice short crisp single action 1911 trigger, and holding a glock feels exactly like the lego brick guns I built as a kid.  I think I'll come around simply for capacity's sake, but my anachronistic brain refuses to cooperate for now.

Tomorrow's post will be about Thanksgiving, Parenting, and Contact Drills for 4 Year Olds.  Stay tuned.

Take music, you fucking scum.  I really want to convert this angry atheist bitch to Scumfucktarianism  backstage at a concert, and somehow I think my cock and about ten grams of snow is involved.

"God made me a cannibal to fix problems like you."  Hard vore, anyone?


  1. You made Lego brick guns as a kid like I did? You rock, dude! Unlike a Glock...Lego guns aren't "drop safe".

    But I still can't grab a Glock 21 and feel comfortable. I've shot one, and my paws just aren't quite big enough to feel confident. The slim frames, which of course came out long after I was committed to nine millimeter, is another story, but I've too much invested. If you can do the 21, great!

  2. Love me some angsty cybergoth sluts

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