Monday, November 26, 2012

Because, as Tam says...

...I hate to waste good shit at an away game.

From Kenny's thread on the subject: 

About 2 weeks ago I read someplace that your Git Kit (Bug Out Bag, Go Bag whatever the fuck you want to call it) shouldn't be completely full so that you won't have the appearance of being prepared in order to avoid attacks by those who really aren't prepared. Then I read it another place and then another and another.
My response, in comments:

This whole "Grey Man" approach pisses me off. 
Historically, refugees in a disaster are often targeted for theft, rape and mayhem, regardless of whether their pack is full or whether the pack is a civvie hiking pack or a military ruck.  It doesn't fucking matter; by the time you are bugging out, you are going to have to deal with some opportunistic savages.   
The best defense isn't packing light (WTF why not just use a smaller pack) or going "grey."  The best defense is never being seen.  If that fails, well, kill lots of godless cocksuckers as necessary.
On the whole, advising people to "pack light" or steering them towards civilian hiking packs and no long gun in the hopes of looking "unprepared" is eerily similar to "wear frumpy clothes so you don't get raped."

By being a refugee ("Bugging Out") you are by default in a category ripe for exploitation and no variation of your gear is going to make it otherwise.  Start practicing your stealth.  May I suggest you start here?


  1. Goes right along with the mindset of, "I won't be carrying because I don't have a permit," kind of people. You know the type: obey the law and don't stop to think, 'there is no law', or that what law there is, is corrupt in itself.
    I just don't get people like that, though it takes all kinds...

  2. I will just say that MS-13 seems to find illegal immigrants riding on top of trains in their effort to get Stateside worth robbing- and we're talking about people who have thrown away most of their meager belongings in an effort to travel light.

    If you have anything at all, you're worth robbing in some quarters- and even if you don't, they can't be sure until they check.

    Fuck trying to look less prepared than you are. If anything, I'd try to appear better-armed than I actually am.

    1. yup.if you look like a baddass less people (critters) will fuck with you.


    Pretty good viewpoints from both sides. Almost as useful as the Wal Mart thread when you think about it.