Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Convenient Rebuttal to an Inane Argument

As a libertarian you get this shit all the time.  "ZOMG BUT WHO WILL BUILD THE ROADS?"

Combined with this story about non union workers being turned away from areas hit by the storm, and this story about the Occupy Sandy movement doing relief work pretty much puts that argument to bed.  How?

#1: Regulating the holy crap out of everything means well meaning relief efforts get stymied by red tape.
#2: People will genuinely do good for one another if left alone to do so.

You don't need a fucking government to build roads.  Everyone who has ever walked in the woods knows that even a fucking deer can build a road.  By subjecting anything, roads, power, any so called 'critical infastructure' to excessive government regulation, you just ensure the private contractors who are actually doing the physical work have to hire more lawyers of the Mandarin class to make sure their shit is up to code.  Since lawyers don't generally work for free, especially when compared to construction workers this raises the cost exponentially.  What you morons are doing is bailing out the new priest-king class.  (Incidentally, you are also doing this with your fancy Obamacare)

Boom, done.  You statist scum need to come up with a new fucking argument.


  1. Chris, the main problem is that even if the statists read your post, they will never comprehend it.

    No matter how much logic and reason you drop on them, they simply cannot conceive of a nation of self-reliant people who do things without some bureaucrat telling them whether, when, where and how to do it. They're helpless, frightened children, and therefore are incapable of conceptualizing the concept of adulthood.

    Don't worry. The upcoming shitstorm will decimate that population in short order, and then we adults can set about getting things back on track. (Unless these are actually the End Times, in which case things will be set right by a higher authority.)

    Either way, humanity will eventually come out ahead. It's just going to suck in the meantime.

  2. all we got,is 2 die like men.

  3. True. A super-conservative Catholic Republican acquaintance of mine (whom I hate to agree with on anything) told me that one of the major purposes of social clubs (lodges, frats, circles, blah blah) were the services they provided to their communities. Until the government came along and started taking over and regulating things people used to do for themselves and one another (volunteer fire departments, food pantries and the like), we were a much more self-sufficient society.

    Funny how that worked out...a government taught its population helplessness and now seeks to control the people who can't/won't do for themselves.

    1. the quick answer to who will build the roads is the government, they are postal routs.