Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Grand Ann Barnhardt Debacle

You know, I don't like Ann Barnhardt.  I get that everyone else in the survivalist blogosphere seems to like her and I even understand why, but I simply cannot dig somebody that wants to enforce archaic sexual mores by the sword.  Why?  Well, I don't particularly care to be hauled off to re-education camp to cure my deviant pervert devil-inspired sex practices, regardless of how well the precedent is established or how much "constitutional" language you dress it up in.  The Liberty Sphere needs to stop losing sleep over sodomy and start worrying about genuine threats to human liberty and dignity.

But damn that woman is apparently getting the shaft from Fedgov, and I find it frankly disgusting.

I don't read her shit regularly so I have very little context, but if it is actually an "Economic Waco" being perpetuated on her for nothing more than speaking out, as Wraith seems to think, then the last few shreds of legitimacy this government is clinging to are shrivelling up the Wicked Witch of the East.  The fact that I don't like her and would live in fear were she suddenly appointed overlord is irrelevant; this is the IRS coming down hard on a blogger who is politically inconvenient and popular.  It wouldn't matter if she was the most gun controllin-est, taxin-est, foreign warrin-est blogger in the entire country-she should not have to face financial terrorism just because the Leviathan doesn't like what she say.

I will be interested in how this story plays out.  There may be more to it than I knew.  But...well, my own supposed intellectual integrity, along with the concept of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty, demands that I respect the rights of those that I disagree with or even those I despise.  And this is a pretty good example of how this administration is not hampered in the least by that little concept.  Of course, the very fact that the term "Economic Waco" exists means there were others-I would be very surprised if she was the first.

Interesting times.


  1. This is likely simply business as usual for the IRS on anyone who declares and follows through on a tax strike--I mean, shit, they put away Wesley Snipes for three years for nonpayment.

    But why is it that those who protest are stomped, and those who steal are ignored? That's what bothers me. It's clear what .gov sees as a bigger threat...anything that threatens their power rates far more concern than anything threatening our lives, liberty and property.

    I have my differences with Ann, being that I'm definitely more on the libertarian side. The Lord gave us free will so we could use it, and to be forced by law into living a certain way makes a mockery of that gift. But you've gotta give her credit for having the balls to stand by her concience, regardless of the consequences.

    Lady's got brass ones. God be with her.

  2. I guessed I missed her post on the re-education camps. It always seemed to me that she was merely more than willing to wish you a merry trip to hell.... and then say "I told you so" afterwards. Probably with a sh*t-eating-grin.

    Last I checked, she also wasn't paying her taxes, on purpose, so that might have something to do with it. Well, her not being a Democrat probably has much more to do with it than anything else. *shrug*

  3. 2 kinds of people in this world,those that want 2 b left alone and those that want 2 tell u how 2 do it.
    fuck with the bull u get the horns.
    Liberty Valance

  4. We she started ranting that if you weren't Catholic then your going to burn in hell I said piss on her. And as for not paying your taxes...when they'll send Westley Snipes to prison they'll screw anybody.

    Pick a realistic, worthy hill to die on.

  5. Ann Barnhardt joins the 47% not paying Taxes and it's like it's a big deal. wakeup folks.