Saturday, July 21, 2012

ZOMG On Demand

Holy shit another shooting.

Fuck it.

I'm sick of getting peripheral blame for shit like this.  Every time it happens, the predictable vulture screeches go up from the disarmament lobby cowards, and I'm sick of hearing it.

I'm not going to take a bunch of time to pick out the stupid things that the disarmament lobby cowards are saying; other gunnies are doing a fine job of that.  I'm not going to drop a long screed about how inanimate objects are not responsible for behavior and how "ease of killing" is actually an equality factor rather than a terrible scourge.  I'm not going to validate the media filth by describing how Insta-Fame (Just Add Bodies) is more of a cause than access to weapons.

You wanna know what I am going to do?

I'm going to strap on my weapon and go to a fucking movie.


  1. Fucking A, Bro.
    That's the attitude I'm talking about.

  2. Dude! I did that tonight!

    Of course, I live in a land of liberty, where de-criminalized carry is the law...

  3. Here's an idea: Know what might stall or stymie some asshat peeling caps at the general public? Someone shooting back! Apply the 'Good Samaritan Law', and you're good to go. As the Oracle said, keep the Heckler close, 'cause you know them smokers will testcha.

    1. It doesn't even require shooting back-just attacking.

      These sad sack cowards are not expecting *any* resistance, armed or otherwise. And mostly, because our primal instincts are being bred out of the species so fast, that is exactly what they get-the snivel defense.

      Gun zone, gun free zone, fuck it all. Get in their face, fuck up their OODA loop, and kill the shit out of them if you can. You may die, but you'll die on your feet.