Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Life In Monster Magnet Lyrics

Fell asleep and barely got Gracie to school on time today, so you get facebook droppings.

My homie The Bastard Alaskan did this once and it looked fun.  Here's the game: You take one artist and write out your life story by cutting and pasting lyrics from their songs.

My Band: Monster Magnet (There could be no other)  Presented ee cummings style without grammar or punctuation, because fuck you.

Act I: Eerie Indiana
well im a pumped out freak on a big wheel
and im crossing a frontier of lies

your life slips through your hands like grains of sand you watch it go
theres no time to be lost youll pay the cost if you say no

im telling you freaks i got eyes in the back of my head
and i can hear you laughin at me when im lyin in bed
you better be righteous when your cuttin it up
cuz youll be doing it wrong and ill be fuckin you up

the tvs gone and you been half an hour paid
and your punk rock band still sucks anyway

thunder in a tube top now i wanna get high
slaves of the mother rock cut me another line

your feet the hampster wheel
run like hell go like hell yeah
so scream as loud as you can
im not here man im gone
well i stand on the mountains of mars
sparking up man im gone

i think i wet my pants doin whippets

all the lies that you tell me
all the lies i told myself
there are freaks comin on now
they can screw themselves in hell
gotta know where it is that youre headed
rape the sun to stay alive
im a king im a cyclops
wreck my home burn my eye

Act II: The Great Big Space Fuck

slut machine keep my lovin strong

im afraid of nothin its the only way to be
welcome to the rubber room it was made for you and me
want to see how a snake can fly i believe that you cant say no
just get ready for the world outside
its insane

whos gonna get you from behind
whos gonna wring your little bell
whos gonna con you into buying a television set revolution they sell
well i died a million times
and i picked my culture well
and ill build myself a gate
they can all now go to hell

when your mind goes blank in the pourin rain
and you cant get back on your feet again
when your girlfriend tells you the world is dead
and it just aint workin inside your head
and if you dont like what you see
go ahead and take it out on me

no matter what you say no matter what you do
im never gonna judge you cuz im worse than you

i can read all the lines on your face
i can breathe all the cancer in space
i can love all the worms of your hate
i can live in the void i know i control

Act III: You Still Don't Get The Point You Fucking Idiot

my hands up to the maker
my head down to the bong

who brings you back when youre gone gone gone
who keeps sayin your prayers when youve blown em off

now face the music son
some people live to remember when
but youre no storage space
youve lived a dozen lives since then
so what would modok do
if his memory got too full
hed find the power source
and hed pick what plugs to pull

i can see by the hole in your head that you wanna be friends
your the right one baby
i can tell by the moon in your eyes that youre loved by the tribe
your the right one baby

i have longed for you afar
love sacrifice in my backyard

me and myself killed a world today
me and myself got a world to save
broadcast dead revolution dont pay
strapped up freaks on the lazarus plane
shut me off cuz i go crazy
with this planet in my hands

hey no dont let go of your little daddy

i can see beyond your dreams
i can see it on tv
keep it all for me babe all forever
you can rape the world and be creative now
you can kiss the right side of your brain
they can tell the tarot for the rest of us
and i can crown me tarzan king of mars


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