Monday, July 16, 2012

Day of Action Inflation

Indiana Antifa-the group claiming responsibility for the "Tinley Park 5" who have been charged with storming a White Nationalist meeting in Chicago-have proclaimed July 31st as a "Day of Action" against racism.  I keep up on this group as they are local to my AO and I'd like to know in advance if there are going to be riots and shit in my city.  Of course, since a bake sale is on their list of acceptable measures to take against the scourge of whiteness or whatever the fuck it is they are protesting, I'm not exactly breaking out the body armor and chest rig yet, but I like to be aware of it.

Anyway, I keep hearing this term thrown around in what passes for the underground in modern America.  "Day of Action."  As in, choose one day and take action.  A sterling idea, I suppose, but by my count, Occupy, NBPP and some other leftist groups have had six "Days of Action" out of the past 365 and I haven't seen the streets of my city running with the blood of capitalist pigs yet.  I haven't even been late to work due to the flood of protestors blocking the thouroughfares.  Six Days of Action and I haven't even smelled a single burning tire.

You know, back in the 90's we had real riots.  People got killed, buildings got burned, shops got looted, and America watched with bated breath for the outcome-and survivalists sharpened their knives and waited.  Now I'm so goddamn jaded with the concept of "DAY OF ACTION!  GRAB SOME PRESS, MAKE WHITEY AFRAID!" that I'm not even going to call a Defcon code to the rest of the tribe.

You sad fucks need to consolidate your Days of Action.  Day of Action inflation is clearly running rampant.  Discarded calendar pages are piling up like Weimar republic bills.


  1. Rookie. In the '60s, they really took action. Half the people burned down businesses and the other half bought houses in the suburbs like there was no tomorrow.

    Nothing quite like watching those tanks roll down the streets of Detroit. Nowadays, they roll them out for people who /aren't/ committing crimes. Who says they can't get anything done? They managed to turn the whole world upside-down.

  2. fear and terror sells a lot of security items to a paranoid population

    maybe good to find what these nitwits are looking to a profit by such suggestions

    or whom profits by sponsoring them