Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to H.A.R.M. Yourself

So about this whole kerfluffle in Tinley Park...y'know, that thing where five guys jumped on a meeting of white supremacists during a meet and greet at some resturaunt and started swinging hammers...

Yeah, apparently these ol' boys are from right smack dab in the middle of my AO.  Their website is here and they have hosted meetings and shit in our city, while preaching violence.

You know the funniest thing, America?  I probably know some of these guys.  Their various social networks all list some variant of martial arts as an interest.  Bloomington's martial arts community is large, but not that large, and I've probably had some face time with nearly every major instructor and a large number of the students.  Remember Mike Griffin?  Yeah, knew him too-got shitfaced with him after practice many a time.  These Enemies of Liberty are people who have seen my face.  Bloomington just ain't that big.  It makes for a chilling thought-so if I don't buy the media narrative on Trayvon Martin, for example, are they going to kick down my door with bludgeoning weapons?

These are people that want to create thought crimes and are willing to take to the streets to do so.  Genuine facists collectively purging their white guilt (yeah, they are all white) through targeted violence against people whose opinions they do not like but who have committed no crimes.  Me personally, I can't stand that motherfucker Fred Felps but I have yet to put a hit out on him.  And you have signaled to the white nationalist movement that Bloomington is a nest of their enemies.

Thanks for painting that big fat target on yourselves, you jackasses-and, coincidentally, on me and my family.  I'm sure when Bloomington starts looking like Sarejevo, you can be certain you have accomplished a post racial society of corpses.

I suppose they are better off than say, your typical Pacifist occupier, who are a legion of Robspierres with a crippling phobia of guillotines.  At least they'll get in the mix swinging, rather than silently applauding while loudly condemning violence, which earns at least a little more of my respect.  But damnit, a thought crime is a thought crime-and there are people in my city who are willing to shed blood over a thought crime.

Makes you think, eh?

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  1. Is it true he understands women?