Friday, March 9, 2012

Warren Psychology

Hey, ya'll come here to hear about my personal life right? You can't get enough of that shit, you sick little bastards.

Today's lesson is Warren Psychology.

We are in the process of clearing out our storage unit after 8 months of living minimalist in a crappy apartment. The crappy apartment is still the same but now we have more furniture. We are waiting on one roomate to move out tomorrow so we can pile shit up in his room, but for now we just have boxes and shit to the ceiling in the living room with a couple of narrow paths to the TV and weed tray.

This is not an unusual situation for me; back in the day a couple of my homies lived the same way by hoarding hobo chic style mounds of salvageable trash. I learned a little bit about the way humans think when they no longer have the space to turn around. Short answer: it makes them crazier than shithouse rats.

You don't have a place to sit down. You can't find any of your shit. The air has a constant musty smell and every movement kicks up a god awful Grapes of Wrath dust storm around you. You wake up buried in the occasional dirty clothes landslide. All of your towels develop boot prints. Your computer intake fan becomes encrusted with the skin cells of your homies. Just finding a quiet place to jerk off is a quest of Arthurian proportions.

Through all this, we didn't go crazy and our friendships didn't break, so I have high hopes for this occasion. Having Amanda makes a big difference; that girl is a wellspring of practicality and sense in an organization that is, never forget, primarily devoted to building my post TEOTWAWKI empire of madmen and degenerates. She is organized, detail oriented and devoted, so we are making much more progress than I was expecting.

And it feels nice to have most of my books back.

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