Friday, March 2, 2012

Femslash Friday - Ozma x Dorothy

Today for Femslash Friday, we are going to be dropping science on L. Frank Baum's Oz series. Specifically, sexy femslash science.

You have to dig deep for the canon references, or at least dig up Princess Ozma's Wikipedia Page in order to find this relationship. And I recognize that it is a lot to infer from a throwaway line in one of the later Oz books.

I was delighted to find a long list of Oz Apocrypha during my wikiwander today as well. Apparently some god awful pervert named March Laumer brought it up more explicitly in one of his books; none of the materials I could find detailed which one. Otherwise I'd be on Amazon right now instead of talking to you scum.

Anyway, I can see this one easily. A lonely empress with no peer group in a childless society and an starry eyed young adventurer girl from a Midwest state? Notably, Ozma had already spent her time as a boy during the wizard's puppet regime; her sexual instincts have already been muddled with. I mean, Baum never comes out and addresses the issue; The Magical Land of Oz didn't have Tipperarius wolf whistling at the barmaids or anything like that. But magical gender bending is gonna leave it's mark on the girl by default and it is noteworthy that she never attempts to bring an Emperor in the picture.

And then you have Dorothy. Lost in a strange land, with dreams of a place in Technicolor. I'm not saying she is sexploitation bait but I bet she has the same look in her eye that a lot of hollow eyed girls picked up by pimps at bus stops do. Vulnerable by default, she forges her close bond with Ozma during Ozma of Oz, one of the few Oz books that does not take place in Oz, but rather in the neighboring kingdom of Ev. That was where we established the precedent of Ozma
watching Dorothy back in Kansas using a magic mirror.

Wait, wait, wait, wait....wait. Ozma watching Dorothy through a magic mirror? Sounds a little like voyeurism, doesn't it? Anyway, from the original illustrations, it looks like the hot Blonde Dorothy from Ozma of Oz had a few years to grow up from the chunky lil' thing in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and more to the good, Christ knows I don't need another article I have to tag 'Pedobear'-so I can see how there is definitely something to spy on for Ozma, sitting alone on her gem throne wishing for a similarly aged companion. Sitting alone and burning.

Sometimes it all just comes together for me, y'know? Anyway, pervs, here's some image content for you.

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