Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How To Win My Sword

There is a post over at Kerodin's place about the moral components of this whole 10th amendment ruckus.

The fundamental crux of the question seems to be "What are we fighting for? Decency and Chastity, or Freedom?" I want to drop my .02$ in the night deposit box on this issue.

A sex negative revolution will fail. All kinds of sex, even deviant sex, is simply too mainstream-and this is a cultural change, not a government change. You can blame the media, you can blame the jews, you can blame the jewish media or the Fungi from yuggoth-it doesn't matter, the culture has and is changing in favor of fewer hang ups about the meat between your thighs. Unless you want to institute government (i.e. swordpoint) control of these things, you are not going to get them via a shooting war. A government that can engage in that kind of social engineering fuckery has officially gained too much power over the daily lives of the citizens. We fight a war and set up a government like that, we have lost again-and indeed it is one of my ugliest fears.

Let me tell you, gun blogosphere-I'm not going to live in a country where I can't jerk off. Consider the next part of this post a warning.

I'll start the underground rainbow railroad for queers. I'll organize safe houses for atheists. I'll volunteer my tribe as armed guards for Slutwalks. I'll out political figures in the new government who force their sexual mores on their neighbors while secretly frequenting glory holes-and that's my natural environment motherfucker, you know I'll catch a few. I'll send my girl to seduce the wives of militia commanders. And if pushed, even by a new "constitutional" government, I'll make the culture war a shooting war. I'm that fucking serious. Maybe i'm in the minority, but when the shit finally settles, I am a free man who must do what he thinks is right. Also fuck you. I want my porn.

Our focus needs to be on those who have perpetuated a greater sin than lust. I am focused on the sins of those who swore an oath BEFORE GOD, ON A HOLY BIBLE, to defend a document that they subseuqently shat on with great malice and foresight. This, and only this, is the fundamental sin that we must concern ourselves with-and indeed, blasphemy before the Lord, giving your word to Him when you don't mean it, is a far more unforgiveable sin than buggering goats. All other issues are wedge issues, jerk off issues, compared to this. Getting all hot and bothered under the collar over a belly shirt or a gangbang is burning the forest for the trees.


  1. Link to what you're referring to?

  2. A characteristic of human being is their tendency to form groups. When that happens "live and let live" often gets the addendum: "as long as you live in an manner WE approve of". I touched on this a while back (as symbolized by the MVB v Kerodin spat) and I still haven't seen a reason to change my mind.

  3. Yep, anything else is the height of hypocrisy. Live and let live...

  4. I won't argue.

    As I've said many times, I couldn't care less what any [strike]two[/strike] *ONE* or more consenting adults and/or their farm-animal(s) do in the privacy of their own environs.


    Can we agree that KIDS don't need to know - and that hence private ADULT behavior should remain JUST THAT?

    I've no problem with porn, but I've a BIG problem with the fact that I can't let my kids search for the most innocuous phrase without some seriously raunchy stuff coming back! What's wrong with a ".xxx" TLD?

    All this is "sparklies" however.

    Let's deal with the oath-breakers, then we can sort this crap out!