Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Bloomington: A Case Study

So I've wandered by Occupy Bloomington a few times. I truly expected it to be the same group of losers sleeping in People's Park but the parkies were strangly absent. There is a surprisingly large group (well, 35 tents worth) of protesters although the ones I talked indicated that the majority of them were "day trippers" and so were not truly "Occupying" the space. That isn't the thrust of this article, though-I just want to harp on a particular point.

One of the ladies, apparently an IU employee, has a sign that says "It's easier to buy a gun than my education." The IDS gave the gal a write up that you can see here. I don't know this lady, but I want to harp on the content of this sign for a moment.

Seriously, goddamnit-in what world should a gun cost the same amount as four, maybe five years of room and board as well as professional instruction in hundreds of subjects? A hunk of machined metal is always going to be cheaper than five years rent and hundreds of hours of professional instruction, and no law could possibly change that.

Furthermore, in what world can I get the government to pay for part of the cost of my gun, and float me a low interest loan for the rest? That would be pretty sweet; you put zero down on a firearm and rack up some debt against the chance of you using that gun to make more money in the future? Hell, unless you enlist in the army, the government won't even subsidize firearms training; you can't even write it off your taxes.

I don't mean to take jabs at people who hate corporate cronies who operate under color of law-I hate those fat cat fucks too. But this has nothing to do with the corporate crimes of the cronies receiving taxpayer bailouts because they threaten to crash the economy; it is a direct assault on my god given rights as a sentient human being in the name of a "right to education" that doesn't exist anywhere in the Bill of Rights. It makes conflict between the Liberty Sphere and the Occupy Wall Street movements inevitable.

Your focus needs to be on punishing the guilty-the cigar chomping bastards that robbed the taxpayers for billions-and nothing else. It shouldn't come part and parcel with a laundry list of entitlements, and it damn sure shouldn't be packaged with a hostility to my existing rights.

The cheap conservative snark would be "What was she smoking LOL" but let me tell you, America-I'm stoned as shit and that still don't make a lick of sense.

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