Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bonus Post: Interesting Link Dump

First, a blog about training with a tomahawk. Check it out. Most online material on the tomahawk is long on cool pictures but short on actual training info, as in stuff you can actually do rather than 3 or 4 minutes of a guy fondling a hawk and talking about it. As far as I can tell, this guy just does google fu and compiles info, some of it pretty good. I really like the swinging log drill (Check the videos section) that they do in the video; it is from a Paladin Press video that is on my Christmas list. In the end, I just love the tomahawk, even if I keep the woodsman's pal on my bugout rig. It is my more elegant weapon from a more civilized age. When asked how I justify it, it is with a quote from The Glory Road about the hero's sword-it gives me courage to hold the fucking thing when I'm terrified.

Next up is a webcomic I have been reading, a new one that tickles me in so many unpleasant ways, Lulu Cthulhu It is just as adorable as it sounds. Considering that my daughter sleeps with not one but two stuffed Cthulhu plushies, and has "Night Night Cthulhu" in her phrase list, and is occasionally sung to sleep with Monster Magnet's All Friends and Kingdom Come, I suppose I just cannot resist a bit of mythos humor. In any case, I find the comic's artwork deliciously squee-able, and all four comics that have been posted so far have brought a smile to my face. So I pass it on, like the Necronomicon, to you, beloved reader, in hopes that you will not be dead or insane by dawn. It is your choice, of course, to open that shit.

And with a tip of the tinfoil hat to Mr. Zane at the Cliffs, I present this little gem: African Country Set to Make Breaking Wind (We all call this 'farting'-the editor) A Crime Just remember, if they outlaw farting, only outlaws will accidentally shit themselves. Actually, I seriously want this to happen here. I can't wait for the forensic analysis of 'He who smelt it dealt it'-and I'm looking forward to CSI: Fart Squad. Goddamn I love me some poop jokes.

Welp, I'm afraid I'm out of material and out of weed. Get outta here you sick fucks.

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