Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gun Nuts vs. Prepping - An Essential Dichotomy

I am not the only gun owner at my place of work, but recently I had a discussion that proves how different I am from them. I mean, we all agree on gun control policies (that they are dogshit) and on zombies (that they deserve a swift death) but there is still a massive gulf between the dedicated prepper and the simple gun enthusiast.

I was talking to a guy at work who owns an SKS and was offering to take me up to Fort Atterbury to shoot with him sometime, and offhandedly I asked "So what kind of rig do you use for your SKS?" And he just looked at me like..."What, rig? What are you talking about?"

Yes, Virginia, certain elements of the gun culture lack even a means to carry spare ammunition.

And it isn't like we haven't discussed the Zombie Apocalypse before; this is a nerd friendly job and frankly the subject comes up a lot. But it is like this guy hasn't even thought of how he is going to carry ammo. Hell, I don't even now how he is going to reload on the fly-he doesn't even have stripper clips for the goddamn thing. He is going to e running around with loose 7.62x39 in his pocket gathering lint and gum.

Curious about his other preps, I grilled him about his ammo stockpile. The dude has 80 rounds in the box and probably 100 rounds scattered so far that they pretty much don't count.

Look, I mean I shouldn't be casting stones here-I haven't even taken a rifle class (Side note: Neither has he) But it never ceases to amaze me that people who own guns invest in the gun but not a single item of gear required to make the gun a working fighting platform. I mean shit, the guy has two pistols and not a single holster or spare magazine.

Somehow without consulting me, the gun culture has allowed in people who just like shooting guns and don't plan for SHTF. And I mean I don't really have a problem with them, but if this guy thinks he is coming to my house when the balloon goes up, that shit is never going to happen.

Anyway, as an evangelical (*snort* *giggle*) survivalist I advised him to pick up an el cheapo chicom chest rig from Traildust, so he has a place for spare rounds at least. But I just thought it was interesting because among our little social group, one of the first questions when someone gets a new gun is "What Rig are you planning on using?" and this guy didn't even know what that means.


  1. Much of my "rig" is home built but it's intended to let me move to where the fight is not.

  2. Trust me, your home made rig is probably much better than my commercial, not-quite-airsoft grade one-but both of us aren't going to be rummaging in our pockets for loose x39s.